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The Adherence to Doctrine by Islam is its Failure

“The belief in the inerrancy of the Koran has spawned numerous utterly fanciful propositions that the Koran contains all kinds of miraculous scientific predictions that now accord with recent scientific knowledge. That intelligent people can put forward such nonsensical argument is sad testimony of the degree of dysfunction in rational cognitions that the religion can […]

Fix Slow Windows XP

Investigating Why Windows XP is SO SLOW on my Computer & FIX My Windows XP became so slow that I became quite frustrated with it but had no idea what to do to fix it. So I used my second computer with a Mac Leopard OS forsaking my XP. I suspected something was not right […]


The Race Card Britain, like many other European ex-colonialists seem to suffer from a serious “guilt complex” regarding their past history. Let us examine whether this determines their attitudes and behaviour in “politics” and “national life.” Each time we hear the words “political correctness” we are filled with national guilt and have ┬áto avoid, what […]

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