Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths* – Summary

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths* – SUMMARY

This is a brief summary of the three main articles in this Group for convenience. The full extent and references to source is given in the 3 articles
(1) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths – pt 1
(2) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths – pt 2
(3) Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths – pt3

We start by assuming that not all readers are familiar with either Islam of Ahmadiyya sect and therefore have included references taken for granted by those who are involved with either. In order to be accurate, we have to quote extensively to avoid accusations of bigotry. Also all sources are provided so that anyone may further their own studies with such references. The main reason for these essays is to put to rest claims and counter claims as to whether the statements were correct or authentic because this sect has raised many contradictory issues. We will attempt to stick to the main issues. One of the main issues is, “Has the Ahmadiyya sect been unfairly demonised and persecuted?” This depends on how each person perceives whether any religious codes or doctrines have been violated or whether blasphemy has been committed. It is for each to pass their own judgement based on whether they accept the facts here or not. This is why a thorough understanding of Islam and Ahmadiyya sect is necessary to make such a judgement. We only expose the facts here. And this is mostly confined to the writings of the founder of the Ahmadiyya sect, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The main article is in two parts.

Summary Part 1

(1) This section begins by Hazrat Mirza’s, a Muslim, copious writings as testimonial of the loyalty of his family, his grandfather, his father and then his own close relationship with the British Raj and how he intended that he would continue to mutually support the British rule in India especially against Islamic Jihad. The incentive was expectations of generous rewards from the Raj. This clearly establishes the mercenary aspects of Hazrat Mirza’s schemes.

(2) In order to draw Islamists away from attacking the Raj, Mirza realised that his only hope was to influence the Jihadists through religious beliefs, i.e., Islam itself.

(3) Mazrat Mirza set about to destroy “Jihad,” and the only way possible was to “abrogate Jihad.” He thus began to write many books in several Eastern languages to “abrogate Jihad.”

(4) Mirza realised that “no earthly man” according to Islamic traditions, had the authority to alter or “abrogate the verses in the Quran.” Only Prophets with the approval of Allah had this authority. But the Prophet Muhammad foresaw this and so,

Qur’an 33:40 Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but He is the Messenger of God and the Seal of the Prophets.

To get around this hurdle, it would be necessary for Hazrat Mirza to manipulate the interpretation of the Quran (Allah’s words.) This is where he crossed the boundaries of Islamic acceptance. But Mirza was imaginative and bold and was willing to face the challenges.

Summary Part 11

(5) Determined, Mirza had to elevate himself to be a Prophet of Allah so that he had the authority to abrogate the Quran. And he did this in a cunning way by first implying that he was a Mahdi and a Messiah and then later extends it to claim he was born as an reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad. And thus Hazrat Mirza has replaced the Prophet Muhammad as “THE SEAL OF THE PROPHETS.” He had no other alternative as failure was not an option for this self opinionated man. At first he  created the impression that he was a Prophet who was not a  Law giving Prophet (like Prophet Muhammad) but one who brought fresh interpretations of the Quran. But as he gained confidence, he promoted himself as equal in stature with the Prophet Muhammad and then even superior to the Prophet Muhammad. These are all referred to in detail in part 11. Mirza declared that those who did not accept him, Mirza, as a Prophet of Allah was not a Muslim.

(6) From an orthodox Islamic point of view:

a. Hazrat Mirza introduced new 19th century Islamic Laws by breaking the Law of the Seal of the Prophets, and elevating himself, by his own declaration that he was a Prophet. Not only that, that he as a reincarnation of the Prophet Muhammad and thus Mirza was , in fact, “the Seal of the Prophets.”

b. As a result of his elevation as a Prophet, the “Shahada” or the “Qadiani Kalima” laws of the centuries had to be altered to accommodate the new Prophet, Mirza.
c. That Hazrat Mirza, introduced a new law because he  “abrogated the 164 verses in the Quran relating to Jihad.”
d. Hazrat Mirza also introduced a new 19th Century law that states, “Any Muslim who does not accept that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is not a Prophet (of Allah) is not of the Fold of Islam. i.e., Non-Ahmadis are non-Muslims.
For details and references to Hazrat Mirza’s writings:
(1) Part I: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths
(2) Part II: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Myths
(3) Part III: Ahmadiyya Muslimj Community Myths

Summary Part III

Extracts from Mirza Ghulam’s own writings provides sufficient evidence that this man’s intellect was at best mediocre because he could not justify any of his claims or his refutations of the Quran. By his own admission, he attempted to deflect “Islamist Jihadists” from the British Raj forces by deceit in creating a belief that Jihad is contrary to the true teachings of Islam. On this basis he abrogated the Quran to suit his aims, to deflect the hatred of orthodox Muslims to a more benign sect, the Ahmadiyya sect. But he did this as a mercenary of the British Raj, for personal favours and to gain materially from the ruling British colonialists. It is on this basis that he had to elevate himself to the level of a Prophet or his abrogation of Jihad from the Quran would have been impossible. How else could he have been of assistance to the Raj? But as he did not receive much opposition to such outlandish ideas from the ignorant and illiterate Muslim peasants, why not go the next step and indulge in his “Delusions of Omnipotence” and elevate himself to the level of god? Which he did indeed do. So by studying Mirza Ghulam’s writings we can see how his megalomaniac mind extended beyond all imaginations and can only be explained by the “strong medications” he was taking to ease his sufferings that must also have given him the vivid imaginations and delusions.

Through his writings he has scored his own goals.



Hazrat Mirza and his family had a good relationship with the British Raj and both parties benefited from this. Hazrat Mirza therefore wanted to continue this relationship for personal gain and was prepared to use his influence to convince the other Muslims of the benefit of such a rule. Mazrat Mirza was just a  Muslim “opportunist” who was seeking favours in return for his loyalty to the Raj. At this early stage, there was no “spiritual call from Allah for his prophet hood.” It was a call out of necessity and of his own creation.

Mirza realised that the driving force of Muslims against any foreign army or government was Islamic Jihad and he began to find ways to lead orthodox Muslims from following this conviction. He soon realised that the only way to effectively do this was through Islam itself. He had to abrogate Jihad in the Quran. For “abrogation” to be acceptable to any Muslim, he realised that only Prophet Muhammad had ever abrogated the Quran, and thus he set about to lay the ground work to achieve this. He had to become a “prophet himself” acceptable to the Muslim scholars. Hazrat Mirza’s call to prophet hood was one of his own creation and invention without any intervention from Allah. He was a self-made prophet through manipulation of the Islamic traditions.

By his self elevation to a Prophet, and by manipulating the Quran and the Hadiths, he corrupted orthodox Islam. The article will show the manipulations and distortions Hazrat Mirza invented through his writings. But each reader may come to varying conclusions. Those are mine. So followers of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community sect have been misled by their founder on many essential issues of Islamic principles and are ignorant of the true writings of Hazrat Mirza.


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