One Islam But Many Different Muslims: A Muslim by religion.

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Only One Islam But Many Different Muslims

(Defining a Muslim by religion and a Cultural Muslim by custom.)

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Muslims are so misunderstood. Many will tell me that they have many Muslim friends and colleagues or next door neighbour who are all so friendly, that I must be simply bigoted with prejudice. Yes, you are probably right, that you have come across the 20% (30 million) to 40% nominal or cultural Muslim who are peaceable and friendly, but there also exists the 60% to 80% Muslims who are orthodox in their Islamic beliefs who will never show you their true colours. But the survey below tells a different story.

The Foundation of a Muslim and his Psyche

(Published 9th May, 2010) We often speak glibly of a Muslim and assume that we are all referring to the same thing. There are about 1,500,000,000 (1.5 Billion) Muslims of different, sects, different nationalities, and different pieties and who have different concepts of what Islam means to them and the diversity is so great that to lump them all into one group, Muslim, is much too vague and sweeping. So today we have attached adjectives to segregate these differences like: radical, extremist, terrorists, fundamental, orthodox, pious, educated, intellectual, scholar, peaceful, moderate, superficial, cultural, nominal, former, past, ex-, renegade, apostate, and so on. Each of these adjectives is exclusive and classifies the different types of Muslims that make up the 1.5 billion Muslims in this world. We will attempt to discuss the different types and their inter-relationships between these different attitudes towards Islam. In many cases one type fuses into another and makes differentiation very nebulous. We will attempt to understand Muslims by identifying their differences and to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Most Muslims who acknowledge themselves as Muslims and are relatively pious will always attempt to raise their families as Muslims. When a baby is born the first sounds he/she will hear are of the  parent who will whisper this prayer into his/her ear, “Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest, There is No Allah but Allah There is No Allah but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, Come to Prayer Come to Prayer, Come to Salvation Come to Salvation, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest.” This, of course, constitutes the first 2 pillars of Islam. And this prayer will be repeated to this child for the rest of his/her life. How reassuring it is for a child to start life, assured  that there is the One (and only) Allah, and that his messenger is Muhammad and that the way to salvation is prayer to Allah. This will be imprinted on the child’s mind forever. It is an obligation of the parents to teach the children to pray and worship Allah (and learn to recite the Qur’an) at a young age.

At the age of seven children are taught to pray and by the age of ten they are commanded to pray, at which time they will be responsible before Allah. How impressive it is to see toddlers and small children imitating their parents in prayer or reciting the Qur’anic verses correctly? [1]

All this preparation of young children at home is in preparation for their success in school and careers. But the time they are ready for school, most children are already familiar with the basic knowledge of prayers, and the common verses in the Koran, and also of the history of Mohammed and of Islam.

Islamic Education

Islamic education is quite different from western education as they believe in instilling every aspect of Islamic values to their students. Studying the curricula of Islamic schools will show the strengths of how Islam is instilled to their pupils in a way that they will appreciate the spiritual, domestic and political aspects of Islam without realising how closely all these functions are interrelated. This further reinforces the Islamic creed at the expense of a wider education. “In order to understand Muslim people and their culture, it is necessary to ascertain what influences their thought processes. It is necessary to ascertain the level of education among the normal citizenry and the influences on they values, their cognitive capabilities, and their perceptive visions.

I have chosen the Pakistan system to examine since much of the information from Pakistan is available in English. There are two systems in Pakistan, the Government schools and the madrassa. The madrassa is by far the more popular because it offers free (subsidized) education, including boarding facilities. But most madrassas are financed by oil rich Islamic countries like the Wahhabi group in Saudi Arabia.

There are 2 courses of study in a Madrassa,

(1) the elementary course, the ‘hifz’ course, which is essentially for the memorization of the Koran, (This is equivalent to a Primary school education in the West.) and

(2) the ‘alim’ course or an accepted scholar course. The alim course takes 12 years, and qualifies that graduate to become an imam, or an Islamic teacher or to work in a Mosque. (On a time scale this is equivalent to an O-level or school leaving certificate level.)

A typical curriculum for an alim course is,

(1) Arabic language,

(2) Tafsir (Koranic interpretation),

(3) Shari’ah (Islamic Law),

(4)Hadith (recorded sayings and deeds of Prophet Mohammed),

(5) Mantiq (Islamic Logic), and

(6) Muslim History.

Some madrassas also offer courses in

(a) Arabic Literature,

(b) English or some (elementary) other foreign language, and

(c) science (basic), and (d) World History (superficial.)

The predominant aim is to produce students who have a solid knowledge of Islam in every aspect, and to be able to teach and/or  preach Islam to more people. Fortified with such an intensity of Islamic knowledge the continuation of the faith is ensured. But the curricula would be deemed rather narrow as far as general education is concerned, as compared to schools in western countries. So we now see the extent and the limitations of a madrassa education. It would appear that the hifz could be equated to the British O-level education, (but) specializing in Islam.” [2]

By the time a Muslim student has finished his “hifz” certificate, he is qualified to be a teacher or to be a preacher in a Mosque, an Imam. He would be considered well versed in most aspects of Islam but would not have a broad knowledge of the other subjects which he will pick up as he goes on in life.

An Adult Muslim and the Five Pillars of Islam

As this person arrives at adulthood and is recognised as a Muslim he must satisfy the 5 (or 6) Pillars or obligations of Islam that all Muslims take to be an acceptable Muslim. The Five Pillars of Islam are the five obligations that every Muslim must satisfy in order to live a good and responsible life according to Islam.

The Five Pillars of Islam consists of (1)The Shahadah, (2) Salah, (3) Zakat, (4) Sawm, (5)  Hajj, and with the Shia Muslims the addition of the following 3, (6) Jihad,  Amr-Bil-Ma’rūf, (7) the “Enjoining to Do Good”, (8) & Nahi-Anil-Munkar, the “Exhortation to Desist from Evil.” These are all expanded upon below.

(1) The shahadah, which is the basic creed or tenet of Islam: “‘ašhadu ‘al-lā ilāha illā-llāhu wa ‘ašhadu ‘anna muħammadan rasūlu-llāh“, or “I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”  This testament is a foundation for all other beliefs and practices in Islam (although technically the Shi’a do not consider the shahadah to be a separate pillar, just a belief). Muslims must repeat the Shahadah in prayer, and non-Muslims wishing to convert to Islam are required to recite the creed (in Arabic). (The significance of the shahadah must not be overlooked. It is the testimony of every Muslim in their acceptance that there is only one god, Allah. Hence Islam excludes all other religions as worthy of recognition. This makes Islam the most “exclusive.”)

(2) Salah, or ritual prayer, which must be performed five times a day. (However, the Shi’a are permitted to run together the noon with the afternoon prayers, and the evening with the night prayers). Each salah is done facing towards the Kaaba in Mecca. Salah is intended to focus the mind on God, and is seen as a personal communication with him that expresses gratitude and worship. Salah is compulsory but flexibility in the specifics is allowed depending on circumstances. In many Muslim countries, reminders called Adhan (call to prayer) are broadcast publicly from local mosques at the appropriate times. The prayers are recited in the Arabic language, and consist of verses from the Qur’an. (The importance of Salah (ritual prayer) is that it is to be performed five times a day. How could any Muslim forget his submission and loyalty to Allah. He is reminded 5 times a day that Allah must be worshipped, with calls from the minaret and the pressures from his peers. Five times a day, you will hear the Call to Prayer from the minarets. These are the words used:)


Allah is most great. Allah is most great. Allah is most great. Allah is most great. I testify that there is no Allah except Allah. I testify that there is no Allah except Allah. I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Come to prayer! Come to prayer! Come to success! Come to success! Allah is most great. Allah is most great. There is none worthy of worship except Allah. (The call to Prayer begins the day (5 times a day) by reminding all Muslims to come to prayer, stressing: “There is no Allah except Allah. There is none worthy of warship except Allah.” This is stressed and instilled into every Muslim, 5 times a day, 365 days a year. How could anyone forget this essential tenet of Islam? This fact is also found throughout the Qur’an and the Hadiths and in the whole of the Islamic ideology, making Islam unique and “exclusive” and at the same time rejecting any other gods or forms of worship as a threat to Islam and an affront to Allah.) Saudi Arabia closes its business doors, except the medical profession, for about 30 minutes during each prayer. (The compulsion for ALL MUSLIMS to participate in these ritual prayers is in the Hadiths.[5] )


Half a Muslim is worse than a kafir. Only a true Muslim can be a terrorist and can terrorise the world. The litmus test is the five times prayers in a mosque where they can be seen and counted.  Our great apostle thought of an ingenious way to correct this situation. When he noticed some Muslims missing congregational prayers in Mosque regularly, he wanted to set an example for others, he had the vermins burnt alive along with their houses and the families.

Bukhari:V1B11N626 “The Prophet said, “burn all those who had not left their houses for the prayer, burning them alive inside their homes.’” Following this famous hadith and sunna , practising Muslims and Salafi followers of  Abdul Wahab killed or maimed 400,000 wishy washy Muslims of Arabia in 19th century . This terrorized the Muslims of the world and convinced them the power of Islam and increased conversion to Islam many folds.

EVEN OCCASIONAL MISSING OF PRAYERS MUST BE PUNISHED BUKHARI:V1B11N617: “I (Mohammed) would order someone to collect firewood and another to lead prayer. Then I would burn the houses of men who did not present themselves at the compulsory prayer and prostration.” [5a] Even in the days of Mohammed, it is clear that Muslim leaders knew the importance of repetition and compulsion and to stress that there is only One and only Allah and no other. This unites the Muslims and rejects all others who do not worship Allah. The Bukhari, the most respected of the Hadiths has illustrated that “compulsory prayers and prostrations” were essential in identifying a true Muslim from “wishy washy Muslims” even in the 19th century in Arabia. This is often forgotten in judging the dedication of a Muslim to Allah. Bukhari V1B11N617 & 626 has had a deep & critical effect on my appreciation of Islamic values and its significance in the assessment of a true Muslim. It is on this yardstick that I make my assessments. ) (The Mosque is thus central to the life of a Muslim. It acts as a constant reminder that “there is only One Allah and only he (Allah) shall be worshipped. It acts as a focal point as a community centre, a centre for the dissemination of  religious sermons, news, gossip, and educational centre, and a political rallying point and also a haven from persecution from their enemies. It is a unifying and binding centre for all Muslims, like the Church community halls used to be but lost today, to serve the local community.)

A Muslim Prayer:

Opening recitation: Al Fatiha “In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful The Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Master of the Day of Judgement You alone do we worship, And it is Your aid we seek Guide us unto the straight path, The path of those upon You have bestowed Your grace, And not the path of those who have gained Your anger, Nor have gone astray… Amen.” Then the worshipper says “Allah is Most Great” and goes into the bowing position and says three times “Glorified is my Lord the Most Great”. Then he returns to the standing position and says “Allah listens to those who praise Him. My Lord, all praises are truly unto You.” He then would go into the position of prostration and with his forehead on the ground say “Glorified is my Lord the Most High” three times. He would then sit back and say “My Lord forgive me and have mercy on me” and then go back into the prostrating position once more. Concluding the prayer, the Muslim utters these final words of the prayer: “All salutation, all physical prayer and momentary worship are for Allah. Peace be upon you, O’ Prophet, and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you. Peace be on us and on all righteous servants of Allah. I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship except Allah And I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger. O’ Allah, send grace and honour on Muhammad and On the family and true followers of Muhammad just as you sent Grace and Honour on Abraham and on the family and true followers of Abraham Surely, you are praiseworthy, the Great.

O’ Allah, send your blessing on Muhammad and the true followers of Muhammad, just as you sent blessings on Abraham and his true followers Surely, you are praiseworthy, the Great.” [5]

(It is repeated again and again, “I bear witness that no one is worthy of worship except Allah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.” Can any Muslim think otherwise?

Here, Abraham the connection is made to establish antiquity and authenticity to the progenitor of the Hebrew tribes, and mentioned in the Torah for the first time. Historically, Abraham was pre-Islam and lived in the age of the pagan Phaorahs of Egypt and was undoubtedly a pagan in beliefs, worshipping Ra, the Sun God and others of that period. [6]

This instilling of Islamic doctrine that, “no one is worship except Allah” is so strong in Islamic doctrines that it leaves no room for doubt.” This is what forces Islam to be “exclusive” and “immiscible” with other faiths or cultures. Nothing can alter this as that would destroy Islam.)

(3 )Zakat, or alms-giving. This is the practice of giving based on accumulated wealth, and is obligatory for all Muslims who can afford it. A fixed portion is spent to help the poor or needy, and also to assist the spread of Islam. The zakat is considered a religious obligation (as opposed to voluntary charity) that the well-off owe to the needy because their wealth is seen as a “trust from God’s bounty”. The Qur’an and the hadith also suggest a Muslim give even more as an act of voluntary alms-giving (sadaqah). Many Shi’ites are expected to pay an additional amount in the form of a khums tax, which they consider to be a separate ritual practice.

Zakat for Jihad: Zakat can be given in the path of Allah. By this is meant to finance a Jihad effort in the path of Allah, not for Jihad for other reasons. The fighter (mujahid) will be given as salary what will be enough for him. If he needs to buy arms or some other supplies related to the war effort, Zakat money should be used provided the effort is to raise the banner of Islam. [4.1] (Alms of course is essential to finance all the activities of Islamic activities. But it not only finances peaceful activities, it also finances all Jihadist activities as illustrated in Palestine.)

(4) Sawm, or fasting during the month of Ramadan. Muslims must not eat or drink (among other things) from dawn to dusk during this month, and must be mindful of other sins. The fast is to encourage a feeling of nearness to God, and during it Muslims should express their gratitude for and dependence on him, atone for their past sins, and think of the needy. Sawm is not obligatory for several groups for whom it would constitute an undue burden. For others, flexibility is allowed depending on circumstances, but missed fasts usually must be made up quickly. (Fasting, and self-sacrifice is also a part of most religious activities, to provide the essence of self sacrifice and abstinence for the glory of Allah.)

(5) The Hajj, which is the pilgrimage during the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah in the city of Mecca. Every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it must make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his or her lifetime. When the pilgrim is about ten kilometres from Mecca, he must dress in Ihram clothing, which consists of two white seamless sheets. Rituals of the Hajj include walking seven times around the Kaaba, touching the Black Stone, running seven times between Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, and symbolically stoning the Devil in Mina. The pilgrim, or the hajji, is honoured in his or her community, although Islamic teachers say that the Hajj should be an expression of devotion to God instead of a means to gain social standing.[3] (For those who live a considerable distance from Mecca, it is the ultimate act of piety, and obeisance to the almighty Allah and a bond to the origins of Islam. It is a wish and aim of every Muslim to have been able to go to Mecca once in their lifetime to pay homage, and to cleanse one of all ablutions before meeting in Paradise. This one wish of every remains there all his life, to be able to pay pilgrimage to the Kaaba. It is another tie to Islam.) In addition to the khums tax, Shi’a Muslims consider three additional practices essential to the religion of Islam. The first is jihad, which is also important to the Sunni, but not considered a pillar. The second is Amr-Bil-Ma’rūf, the “Enjoining to Do Good”, which calls for every Muslim to live a virtuous life and to encourage others to do the same. The third is Nahi-Anil-Munkar, the “Exhortation to Desist from Evil”, which tells Muslims to refrain from vice and from evil actions and to also encourage others to do the same.” [4] (Having established the ingredients that creates a Muslim, let us see how the products deviate from the intended.)

“A MuslimAn Orthodox Muslim

After a great deal of investigation, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one class of Muslim.  A person who is an orthodox Muslim who piously accepts the Qur’an as the indisputable and unchanging Word of Allah and that the Mohammed was the latest and final prophet, and who observes strictly the 5 (or 6) Pillars of Islam, who accepts that Sharia Law is the only law derived from the Koran and the Hadiths, and who accepts that there is no other god but Allah. That description encompasses the boundaries of a Muslim, an orthodox Muslim. All Muslims adhere to this description as all Muslims are equal in the eyes of Allah. The above describes a Muslim in a religious context and that is my visual image of a Muslim. A Muslim is one who has submitted to the Will of Allah and follows the 6 Pillars of Islam. Thus, to label Muslims as “extremist” or “terrorist” or “fundamentalist” or “moderate” is incorrect. All the aforementioned Muslims are simply Muslims following the orthodox teachings and principles of Islam. All read the same Qur’an, the same Hadiths, and accept the same Sharia Laws and worship in similar Mosques following the same rituals. All the aforementioned Muslims accept every command of the Word of Allah as stipulated in the Koran.” [7]

The Pious, well-informed Orthodox Muslim (orthodox Muslim)

Such a Muslim knows his Quran and Hadiths and will support his views with detailed explanations from the Quran and Sira and Hadiths. This would be a Muslim well educated about Islam and will attempt to live his life according to the Sunna of Mohammed with regard to such details as prayers, how to dress, bathe, and groom himself, to eat and behave to others. These would include most knowledgeable and pious Muslims such as the Islamic religious leaders and senior established respected members of the Islamic community. These Muslims will be considered as orthodox in their theology and their Islamic view of all societies.

The Pious Savvy Orthodox Muslim but are apologists for Islam (the verbal Jihadist)

These savvy Muslims will attempt to pose as “well informed Islamic moderates” and will support their claims by quoting from certain verses from the Qur’an to prove the point. But the agenda of these Muslims is to mislead and disarm the unsuspecting non-Muslim who is relatively innocent of the ideologies of Islam in order to make Islam appear benign and non-confrontational to the non-Muslim. This is known as “taqiyya” or “dissimulation” to “lull the non-Muslim into a state of acceptance and complacency towards Islam.” These Muslims are usually well educated in western universities, with very pleasant and amenable personalities, and are highly intelligent and glib with their portrayal that Islam is compatible with freedom and democracy. This Muslim understands the Western mind and culture well and will use this knowledge to advantage in selling Islam as maligned and misunderstood. They will make the point that Muslims have been exploited victims and they will have “conspiracy theories” that will explain how Muslims are innocent and cast as evil by bigoted Westerners. They will tell the West that suicide bombers are not good Muslims, and only represent a very small percentage of renegade and unrepresentative Muslims. That Islam condemns Suicide Bombers especially when they kill “innocent” people and children.Of course, anyone who has studied Islam will know that all those claims are “taqiyya” (dissimulations) and lies and the truth lies just under the surface for those who know the Quran and the Hadiths and disprove all those statements from the Islamic Holy text itself.

The Pious Ignorant Orthodox Muslims

This class of Muslim usually cannot substantiate their claims with verse and chapter but they are the most vociferous of Muslims and will doggedly stick to their misguided views regardless of any evidence to the contrary. Their arguments are usually emotive and degrades to personal insults because they are unable to provide Quranic evidence to support their arguments. To discuss with such individuals is an exercise of futility. [8] This class of Muslims are easily manipulated by both the “orthodox Muslim” and the “Verbal Jihadist” for their donkey work like wearing a “Semtex belt” into a crowd.

There is No Such Thing as an Extremist or Radical of Fundamentalist Muslim

Some politically correct Westerners try not to offend Muslims by saying that all Muslims are Terrorists or Jihadists, so the next best thing they try to do is to isolate such people and label them Extremists or Fundamentalists. Yet, all Muslim Terrorists, or Fundamentalists, or Extremists are nothing but Muslims who have interpreted Islam as a devout Muslim. These Jihadists have obeyed every command of Allah as stipulated in the Quran and no where can I fault them for violating any of the commands of Allah or the Quran or the Hadiths or the Shariah Laws of Islam. These Muslims are Jihadists and some are martyrs but all in the legitimate cause of Islam for they have not violated any of Allah’s commands or laws. They are actually the most prized of all Muslims as far as Allah is concerned because they have discharged their duties as true Muslims sacrificing their lives where necessary. So a Extremist or Radical Muslim is the highest and purest of all Muslims and some will, no doubt, have a place reserved for them in Paradise with Allah. Labelling a warrior for Islam as an Extremist shows the lack of appreciation of the ideology of Islam.

There is No Such Thing as a Moderate Muslim nor is there a Moderate Islam

This is a “politically correct” term used initially so as not to offend or alienate  Muslims. But it is a misnomer unless some westerners mean a “Nominal Muslim” similar to a “nominal Christian” in the western jargon. We shall elaborate on this later. But I see what most people say are “moderate Muslims” are those Muslims who work and live peacefully within their communities not causing any problems with their neighbours. But they, nevertheless are as devout in their beliefs as “orthodox Muslims” but exist peacefully. I assess such Muslims as most likely “dormant Muslims” or “sleeper Muslims” who are playing a low profile in an alien or unfriendly environment but may become activated when called upon. These are the Muslims who will not raise their voices against the Islamic Jihadists who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocities in New York, or the 7/7 carnage in London because it is not politic to do so. They may even rejoice quietly among themselves when they see Islam winning over non-Muslims. In fact these Muslims empathize with the cause of Islamic Jihadists worldwide but lie low. They will in all probability surreptitiously give material or spiritual or moral support to Islamic Jihadist quietly or demonstrate by dancing and shouting Allahu Akbar on occasions like 9/11 or 7/7. But they are, in truth, orthodox Muslims, living a quiet and peaceful life, and unobtrusive or lying low, yet loyally and piously Muslim. Perhaps he is even a Jihadist sleeper.

Why the Deafening Silence from Moderate Muslims after 9/11 and 7/7 and others?

Because if they are “religious” Muslims who know the commands of Allah and know the contents of the Qur’an  but are lying low, hiding their real feelings and are unable to condemn such acts (as one Muslim never squeals on another,) because they know it is Allah’s Islamic Martyrdom at work, as the Qur’an has commanded: Qur’an:2:216    “Jihad [holy fighting in Allah’s Cause] is ordained for you [Muslims], though you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and like a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not.” [Another translation reads] “Warfare is ordained for you.” So if they are “religious” Muslims, to speak out against any Muslim acting in the service of Allah they would be considered treacherous to the cause of Islam and to Allah? All Muslims are aware that if they spoke out against those acts, they are speaking out against Jihadism, i.e. speaking out against the teachings of the Qur’an. The few who do speak out against some of these atrocities as un-Islamic, like Dr. Wafa Sultan and Amil Imani are taking risks with their lives. They will be classified as apostates and a Fatwa issued on them. Both those mentioned have already death threats. Amil Imani, is an Iranian-American, who is now an ex-Muslim and writes about Islam. Amil says. “There is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is no such thing as secular Islam or a secular Muslim. It’s the nature of the faith to deny any separation of religion and the state or religion and society. There are numerous sects within Islam. One and all are extremes and not in the least amenable to change. Keep in mind that Islam claims that it is the perfect eternal faith for mankind. Splits have occurred and will continue to occur in Islam. Yet, reformation has not happened in nearly 1400 years and is not going to happen. Islam is carved in granite, just the way it was. No change is possible. Allah’s Qur’an is a sealed volume. ” [20] This concept that there is no flexibility in Islam is difficult for those with a Christian background to understand. Remember that it is a Seventh Century concept/religion mentality that and you have to understand. The Jews and Christians and Romans of that era were all of a similar mentality. They were living in harsh, nomadic, desert, illiteracy, where life and early death were the norms of the day. But Christianity has since moved on into the 21st Century, while Islam has remained  in the 7th Century because of the concept of the finality of the word of Allah as contained in the Qur’an. The following will illustrate the Commands of Allah from the Qur’an and the Hadiths to show that every Muslim owes obligations to Allah, if he is a Muslim, without exception. Of special interest is Qur’an 4:95 below that show that even 1400 years ago Mohammed recognized that there would be those Muslims “who sit at home and receive no injurious hurt………but Allah prefers Jihadists who strive hard and fight  above those who sit home. He has distinguished his fighters with a huge reward. (in Paradise)” It would not take much to influence the attitudes of those who sit at home to join the  Islamic Jihad because of their faith and their knowledge of the wishes of Allah. The significances of the following 10 Qur’anic and Hadith verses says much to Muslims.

Qur’an:2:216 “Jihad [holy fighting in Allah’s Cause] is ordained for you [Muslims], though you dislike it. But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and like a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knows, and you know not.” [Another translation reads]: “Warfare is ordained for you.”
Qur’an:4:95 “Not equal are those believers who sit at home and receive no injurious hurt, and those who strive hard, fighting Jihad in Allah’s Cause with their wealth and lives. Allah has granted a rank higher to those who strive hard, fighting Jihad with their wealth and bodies to those who sit (at home). Unto each has Allah promised good, but He prefers Jihadists who strive hard and fight above those who sit home. He has distinguished his fighters with a huge reward.”
Bukhari:V4B52N44 “A man came to Allah’s Apostle and said, ‘Instruct me as to such a deed as equals Jihad in reward.’ He replied, ‘I do not find such a deed.'”
Bukhari:V1B2N25 “Allah’s Apostle was asked, ‘What is the best deed?’ He replied, ‘To believe in Allah and His Apostle Muhammad.’ The questioner then asked, ‘What is the next best in goodness?’ He replied, ‘To participate in Jihad, religious fighting in Allah’s Cause.'”
Qur’an:33:22 “Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah and have gone out for Jihad [holy fighting]. Some have completed their vow to extreme and have been martyred fighting and dying in His Cause, and some are waiting, prepared for death in battle.”
Bukhari:V4B53N412 “Allah’s Apostle said on the day of the conquest of Mecca, ‘There is no migration now, only Jihad, holy battle. And when you are called for Jihad, you should come out at once.'”
Bukhari:V4B52N311 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘There is no migration after the Conquest of Mecca, but only Jihad. When you are called by the Muslim ruler for Jihad fighting, you should go forth immediately, responding to the call.'”
Muslim:C28B20N4631 “I heard Muhammad say: ‘I would not stay behind when a raid for Jihad was being mobilized unless it was going to be too hard on the believers. I love that I should be killed in Allah’s Cause; then I should be brought back to life and be killed again.'”
Qur’an:9:111 “Allah has purchased the believers, their lives and their goods. For them (in return) is the Garden (of Paradise). They fight in Allah’s Cause, and they slay and are slain; they kill and are killed.”
Bukhari:V4B52N196 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say,”None has the right to be worshipped but Allah.”‘

These Moderate Muslims are not Muslims who have accepted the peaceful aspects and rejected the militant aspects of Islam, because by rejecting any part of the Qur’an amounts to rejecting the Word of Allah, and that is blasphemy, and the penalty is death. So taking this into consideration, either a Muslim accepts the whole of Islam or he is an apostate. An apostate is not a Muslim, he is a “non-Muslim.” So calling a Muslim a “Moderate Muslim” implies he is not an orthodox Muslim, but a “false Muslim.” So either a Muslim is a Muslim accepting all the conditions expected of a Muslim or he is an apostate. There can be no half-Muslim. But a Muslim could be a “dormant Muslim.” That can be the only explanation for a “moderate Muslim.”

The Nominal Muslim/Cultural Muslim – A Renegade Muslim – non-practising Muslim – an Apostate

There are many Muslims, especially some living in the West, who could be classified as “nominal Muslims” similar to “nominal Christians” who live the life of the “Muslim culture” but do not observe  most or any of the Commands of Allah as in the Qur’an. In fact they may even contravene all or some the Commandments of Allah like (1) Not observing the mandatory Islamic ritualistic religious prayers in communion in a mosque, (2) Not observing Halal foods and alcohol ban and other personal practices, (3) Not adhering to rules like,  Sex outside the codes of Sharia Law, (4) or not attending prayers in Mosques, (5) or Ignoring the requirements of the 5 (or 6) Pillars of Islam, and so on. But these people are still seen as Muslims by the ill-informed Westerner but are actually “non-practising Muslims.” To be correct and precise these people are “Muslim renegades” or “ex-Muslims” or “Apostates of Islam.” Misconceptions are due to lack of understanding So it is quite evident that to the westerner, such critical assessment is impossible unless we understand what constitutes “Haram & Halal” in Islam. This requires a good understand of Islam, the Hadiths, the Islamic traditions, Islamic history, Sharia Law, and the Islamic culture. Here we can only see the tip of the iceberg. [9]

The Well Informed Cultural Muslim

Is often highly educated and lives in a Western nation. He is nominally well informed and understands the fundamentals of Islam, and likely born and educated in a Muslim family with an Islamic education in his early years. He may view Islam from a cultural perspective, and lives in an Islamic environment, but choose to lead a non-religious Islamic life. But he may observe some of the Islamic customs for appearances sake, like Ramadan or Islamic salutations when he meets other Muslims. But otherwise he would live a secular lifestyle. He will, if confronted use skilfully “taqiyya” and skirt around all Islamic religious matters. He is socially and professionally doing well and does not wish “to rock the boat.” He can easily be confused or mistaken for a “pious savvy orthodox Muslim.” If the rules of the 5 Pillars of Islam were applied to him, he would fail and thus he is, in the eyes of orthodox Muslims a renegade Muslim – an apostate.

The Self Deceived Cultural Muslim
This cultural Muslim is a very shallow Muslim with poor knowledge of the Qur’an and the Hadiths and the Sira. He was probably born of a non too religious Muslim family and has had little interest in the Islamic religion for one reason or another. He is not interested in Islam ideologies but leads a Muslim style life, like dressing as a Muslim, eating as a Muslim, speaking the local language and jargon, but ignoring all the restrictive ideologies of Islam. He may or may not believe in Allah and that Mohammed is a prophet. He is indifferent to Islam and is only interested in his own well being. He will be considered a non-Muslim (an apostate) using orthodox Muslim criteria, but may live happily and harmoniously in a Muslim community unobtrusively. He will go along happily with the “well informed Cultural Muslim.”
The Ignorant Cultural Muslim

There are millions of Muslims (living in Western countries like America, and across Asia) who apparent fit into this category. The are your friendly, pleasant, easy going Muslim who has a lifestyle that is worldly but which does not comply with the ideology of the Qur’an or the Hadith or the Sira. They do not have much time for considering religious Islam but who may still be looked upon as Muslims by most Westerners and non-Muslims. These cultural Muslims do neither actively oppose orthodox/fundamentalist Islam nor actively pro-active for secular forms of Islam. These cultural Muslims just want to be left alone to live in peace. These cultural Muslims are completely theologically and ideologically passive. But if coerced will probably submit to orthodox Islam under intense pressure. However, by any Islamic yardstick these “ignorant cultural Muslims” have violated most of the Orthodox Islam if codes of conduct and will be considered “non-Muslims” by their peers even if many Westerners will wrongly still see them as representative of Muslims. Note: The author John Marion has observed that all these Muslims have been conditioned to be sensitive about what they perceive as “the honour of their prophet Mohammed, and Allah.” Even the cultural Muslims have been so conditioned that they would not say anything construed as dishonourable about the prophet Mohammed or Allah. [8]


The following data will be based on various Polls taken mainly in Western countries where there has been a significant influx of Islamic Immigrants, such as Europe, Britain, and America. We have to bear in mind the margins of error with regard to polls and the sensitivity of the Questions put to the recipients. It does not take into consideration the attitudes of Muslims living in Islamic countries and will in no way reflect the attitudes there. The analysis will be the views and interpretations of the author who will extrapolate published polls, where necessary, to reflect his opinion of the attitudes at this point in time, i.e. the early part of the 21st century.


*France’s population (2010) contains approximately 6% Muslims, i.e. 4.2 million Muslims but have these Muslims adapted or integrated into the ethnic French community as they reach the 2nd and 3rd generation, French born Muslims?  Most of France’s Muslim population have come from North Africa. [11] According to the French survey of January, 2008, *38.9% Muslims consider themselves as non-practising Muslims (to be considered as Cultural/Nominal Muslims-non-practising Muslims) 57% Catholics consider themselves as non-practising Catholics (considered Cultural/nominal, or non-practising Catholics.) *39% Muslims observe prayers 5 times a day (they will be considered the “pious” well-informed and savvy practising Muslims) 23% Muslims regularly attend Friday Prayers (Probably working conditions and distance from Mosques prevents a higher attendance.) 12% Catholics attend church regularly. 70% Muslims observe Ramadan (Month of Fasting: the high observance percentage indicates that at least 12% conform to peer pressures or  Islamic community pressures, a conforming to the Islamic identity and this applies to the later generations of French Muslims.) [11a] [12]


*Britain (2010) has 2.4 million Muslims out of 61.4 Million population (3.9%), and have 1500 Mosques, 85 Sharia Courts. [11b]

*Most of British Muslims come from Pakistan and Bangladesh and a few for East Africa.
88% Muslims Work place and schools should cater for Islamic Prayer times (5x) and provide facilities to perform such activities.
81% Muslims believe new laws required to prosecute anyone inciting religious hatred against Islam.
78% Muslims support severe punishment for those responsible for Cartoons   against Prophet Muhammed.
68% Muslims support prosecution for insults to Islam.
58% Muslims believe it is criminal to “criticise”(not insult) Islam.
*61% Back Sharia courts to settle civil cases among Muslims.
40% Prefer Sharia law to be practised in predominantly Muslim areas.
*30% Prefer Sharia Law to British Law.
86% A sense of having an Islamic identity in Britain is a good thing.
81% Will give their loyalty to Islam before that of Britain. Islam before nation.
*77% Most believe that there is a growing sense of their Islamic identity.
*60% Muslims feel more alienated from British society than a year ago.
52% Believe Islamic organisations, should not be banned or shut down, regardless of their activities.
50% Muslims feel relationships with British is getting worse.
*46% Muslims feel more radical towards British society than a year ago.
45% Believe 9/11 was an American-Israeli conspiracy.
*36% Believe that modern British way of life is a threat to Islamic way of life.
*29% Muslims would aggressively defend Islam from internal or external threats, real or imagined (Jihadists.)
*28% Want Britain to become an Islamic state.
*27% See a conflict between loyalty to the ummah (the global Muslim community) and loyalty to the UK
*18% Muslims will not squeal on another Muslim.
*25% Muslims believe that 7/7 bombings were justified for “War on Terror.”
*13% Saw the 4 London 7/7 Jihadist bombers as Islamic Martyrs. (Which is what they were.)
*12% Muslims (18-24 years) say Bombings in Britain justified.
*9%   British Muslims are Hard core Islamists in their beliefs. (Islamic Shaheeds/martyrs.)
*7%  Martyrdom against British is justified.

*4%  Will not condemn the London Bombings on 7/7.  [13][14] [Pew Survey]


If the above polls are believed to indicate the underlying attitudes of British/European Muslims living with their host countries, it is indeed very worrying. In fact, the original Muslim immigrants were quite docile, hard working, peaceful people who struggled to support their family. But the subsequent generations are becoming more Islamic, and asserting their place in their host country with all the ideologies of Islam. Islam is a dominating and domineering religion and will do everything to establish its place in any society with the determination of her Muslim followers. Thus, it is essential for the host countries  fully understand the objectives of Islam within their midst. The statistics above, is certainly something everyone should recognise and appreciate before a solution can be found to suit the host nation. Even from the above statistics, it would appear that there is a higher percentage Muslim support Islamic orthodoxy in Britain (about 80%) compared with that in France (about 60%.) This could reflect the Islamic fundamentalist movements/education/Mosque activities in Pakistan/Bangladesh compared with that in Algeria, or Morocco, or Libya or Egypt. Or it could also reflect the attitude of Muslims in these countries, bearing in mind that De Gaulle, and Chirac have wooed and allied themselves to Arab ideologies. (Euro-Arab Dialogue.) More attention should be given by politicians to the significance of this data. *The fact that 81% British Muslims will place Islam before the nation, Britain, is a fact that many do not appreciate. British nationality means nothing to Islamists. Islam will always come first.

*The fact that 29%(1/3) British Muslims will aggressively defend Islam  against all attacks, physical or intellectual, means there can never be any integration in Britain.
*9% Muslims admit to being hard core Jihadists, means there are 216,000 British Muslims who will be prepared to fight (and die as Jihadists martyrs) for Islam if needed.These are facts that our politicians are in denial over. Even if we allow for a 50% margin of error in the polls, it is significant.
Post Script: Many non-Muslims believe that the few  (the 9% mentioned above) radical Islamic Jihadist, prepared to martyr themselves for Allah have be radicalised by some extremist Imam or Ayatollah. There may have been some input by radical preachers, but the 3 latest Jihadists were all loners, well educated and all with a professions like army Major Nidal Malik Hasan who killed 13 in Texas; Umar Faruk Abdulmutallab, the University graduate who attempted to blow up a passenger plane in Detroit, USA; and Faisal Shahzad a financial advisor, in his failed Timnes Square, N.Y. Bomb attempt. These men were all mostly self motivated to cause death and destruction and they were mainly not connected to any terrorist group but were self-motivated. And it is clear that their motivation was from their upbringing as Muslims and the instilling of Islamic values found in the Qur’an.In all cases of anger and hate for Westerners, or other non-Muslims, you can trace the source back to the teachings in the Qur’an and the Hadiths. The Quran is the Muslim manual for the propagation of Islam, Allah, and Mohammed, by any means fair or foul. The Qur’an is a complete manual of how to live, how to maintain personal hygiene, how to fornicate, what to eat, even how to wash or clean yourself, how to treat your wives, how to submit to Allah, and how to fight your enemy, dictating the laws of Sharia, how to intimidate and kill your enemy. It is all inclusive manual to lead a Muslim life and if you do not observe it to the letter “T” you are a denigrate. You cannot deviate from the teachings of Allah if you wish to remain an orthodox Muslim. There are no exceptions. The source of the irreconcilable divide of Islamic and non-Islamic culture is the Qur’an. And it is impossible to change or challenge the word of Allah as inscribed in the Quran because it is the direct word of Allah. When we appreciate this, then we may begin to understand the dilemma we face.


There are No Moderate Muslims:

cheech, I am indeed terribly disappointed in you. You have been on this site for a long time now, and I know that you read most of the controversial posts and you should by now understand the Islamic cult. But if you still believe that it is possible for Islam to harbour “moderate Muslims” and accept them as Muslims then this site has failed you. You have not understood the ideology of Islam.

(1) The only Muslim accepted by other Muslims as a Muslim and by Allah is one who observes and practices the 5 pillars of Islam to the letter of the T. If they do not they are false or pseudo-Muslims. Moderate Muslims that you have described do not fit the 5 pillars of Islam criteria. Technically they are deviates of Islam or apostates of Islam and their reward is death. I hope this definition of a Muslim sticks in your head for all time.

(2) Thus ALL MUSLIMS submit to the Will of Allah, totally without any exceptions and accept that the Quran contains the literal word of Allah that must be obeyed (without exceptions.) So how would a Muslim interpret the following:

2:216. Fighting (JIHAD) is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.

2:217. They ask thee concerning fighting in the Prohibited Month. Say: “Fighting therein is a grave (offence); but graver is it in the sight of Allah to prevent access to the path of Allah, to deny Him, to prevent access to the Sacred Mosque, and drive out its members.” Tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. Nor will they cease fighting you until they turn you back from your faith if they can. And if any of you Turn back from their faith and die in unbelief, their works will bear no fruit in this life and in the Hereafter; they will be companions of the Fire and will abide therein.

2:218. Those who believed and those who suffered exile and fought (and strove and struggled) in the path of Allah,- they have the hope of the Mercy of Allah. And Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.

Thus any devout Muslim would deem it his duty to serve Allah as a mujahideen, a warrior for Allah to the death. This is why you have so many who willingly martyr themselves for Allah for it has been prescribed by Allah in the Quran. These men are not fanatics or extremists, they are devout Muslims only obeying what has been prescribed for them in the Quran in simple Arabic language for all to read. It is no secret. It applies to ALL MUSLIMS. Those who reject this are apostate Muslims. That is why you get the “silent Muslim’ because all of them know what is in the Quran.

Any Muslim who rejects those 3 verses above, rejects Allah’s Commands and is NOT A MUSLIM but a blasphemer. Copy this and ask any Imam if it is true.

Copy this cheech and keep it in your breast pocket. Totally composed impromptu here and now for you.

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