The Clash of Cultures – Christianity vs Islam

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Muslim Immigrants will not Integrate in Europe

Most people are in total denial that there could be a clash of cultures in this 21st century. They are in denial because the clash raises massive problems that appear to be insurmountable. So our leaders, our politicians, prefer to sweep the problem under the carpet, leaving the problem to the next generation to resolve. In the meantime, our politicians advocate political correctness, positive discrimination, and appeasement as a stop gap till some “messiah” will come along to help them with this mammoth problem, unaware that precedence has already been set long ago.

So what are we talking about? I am talking about the impossibility of Islam and Christianity existing peacefully in close proximity with one another. The ethos and moral values of the two cultures is so diverse that a compromise is impossible. Islam is a cult that has to be the dominant ruling cult, and Christians with different ethics and values cannot adapt or accept such values. So one party has to dominate and the other submit. Unfortunately neither culture will give up their culture to submit to the other. So it has to be a stand off.

Since WWII millions of Muslim migrants have immigrated into Europe seeking jobs and a better standard of living and taking advantage of European nation’s generous social welfare programmes not available in their own countries. Naturally they brought with them their customs, cultures, and religion. Western politicians ignorant of their religion, assumed that it was just another religion like all others that would blend and assimilate into a multicultural society. Unfortunately, Islam is a very exclusive belief system that does not permit for Muslims to assimilate into the native culture. And as time passes this non-integration of a foreign philosophy begins to clash with the native resident culture, and in Europe, the Christian culture. As the Muslim immigrants gain in numbers and realise that they can make demands, their demands become greater and more vociferous. They demand for Mosques, Madrassas, tax free Islamic charities (that often finance terrorism), and begin to stifle freedom of expression with great and violent demonstrations  against anything that is critical of Islam, like “The Danish Cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed” or demonstrate against the coalition “wars in Iraq or Afghanistan.” Muslims retaliate with violence like the London Underground bombing on 7/7 to strike fear on the British public.

European politicians try to pacify the Islamic masses gone berserk by explaining that this is the western values of freedom of expression that must be protected. Western governments are then forced to tighten or even consider ending immigration from Muslim countries, and in exasperation  expel some of the bolder Imams and other Muslim activists who are agitating for more violence, and finally the talk of mass deportations of the very rebellious alien immigrant population who will never consider integration with the host citizens.

Nicolas Sarkozy proposed that non-European immigrants should sign a new, “Contract of Welcome and Integration” that spells out their obligations. And to allow the French government free to expel immigrants even after 10 years for violations of these obligations. Insular Muslim communities are outlawed. Immigrants will have to demonstrate they respect French norms, such as equality between men and women. They must learn French language. And any infringements the whole family will be made to leave. Sarkozy also proposed to rank countries to determine the desirability of their citizens as possible immigrants.

The Danes want to end their liberal refugee programme and have considered an outright ban on Muslim immigration, and to have radical leaders stripped of their citizenship and deported. The Danish Minister even recognised that some minorities practice their own medieval values and undemocratic views and sas this a a “new from in Danish cultural war.”

Germany who pioneered the “guest-worker programme in Europe, has seen a massive change of attitudes. “Multicultural societies have only functioned peacefully in authoritarian states. It was a gross mistake to bring guest workers from foreign cultures into Germany at the beginning of the 1960’s” said Hiulmut Schmidt, the former German chancellor. Angela Merkel has said, “The notion of multiculturalism has fallen apart. Anyone coming here must respect our constitution and tolerate our Western and Christian roots.”

Netherlands has cut immigration in half since 2001 and is deporting 26,000 rejected asylum seekers and keeping new arrivals in detention camps. Under proposed legislation, women will be banned from wearing the burka anywhere in public.  “I believe we have been far too tolerant for too long, especially being too tolerant of intolerance, and we only got intolerance back,” said Dutch Parliamentarian G. Wilders. 51% Dutch now view Muslims very unfavourably.

Filip Dewinter leader of Vlaams Belang party said, “Islam is now the number one enemy no only of Europe, but of the entire free world. It is an illusion to think that a moderate Islam exists in Europe. There are already 25 million to 30 million Muslims on Europe’s soil, and this becomes a threat. It’s a real Trojan horse.”

25% Swiss regard Muslims as a threat to their country. In Italy half the population believes that is a “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the West and that Islam is a “religion more fanatical than any other.”

The United Kingdom passed legislation broadening the right of the free speech, barring the intent to provoke hatred.

The above does not bode well for any hope for integration of Muslim immigrants. [1]

The Introduction of Multiculturalism to Europe by Charles De Gaulle

After WWII France had lost most of her colonial empire and her world influence had diminished. De Gaulle wished to restore France’s prestige and glory in the post war years by leading and unifying Europe to form an international bloc that would rival America. He envisioned France playing a leading role with her past close ties to the Arab North African states like Algeria and Morocco and thus able to influence the oil producing countries of the Arab world. De Gaulle’s pernicious merger with the Arab world began in the 1960’s. On November, 27th, 1967 Charles De Gaulle  pronounced that “French-Arab collaboration would be a fundamental element in French politics.” From that moment on, France adopted a highly amiable policy toward the Arab world and a hostile attitude toward Israel and America. Thus began Europe’s demonising of America and Israel, the price for Arab allegiance to France, Germany and the EU.

In 1973 after the Yom Kippur War, the Arab states declared an oil boycott against Europe especially those countries that had close ties to Israel. Within 20 days after the start of the war, the European Community of 9 countries “recognised the rights of the Palestinians people (and Arafat as the leader of the Palestinians) as a legitimate body to participate in political negotiations and demanded Israel’s return to the armistice boundaries of 1949, thus diverging from the UN Security Council Resolution 242, passed in 1967 which is still the basis of a negotiated settlement. With this “forced recognition” of Palestinian peoples as a legitimate body political, a concession fought over for years, the Arab’s lifted their oil boycott of  Europe. The French and German governments requested Arab leaders to enter into an official dialogue with European leaders to “cement a solid relationship.”  The Arab leaders only agreed on condition that the Europeans had a “unified foreign policy in synchrony with the interests of the Arab States.” This development should never be forgotten when we reflect on the history of Europe and the acts of Charles De Gaulle to advance the stature of France after WWII.

The Arabs now had the Europeans exactly where they want them, handed to them on a plate by De Gaulle, “a European foreign policy in synchrony with Arab interests.” This will explain all subsequent actions from the EU countries from that time onwards. But in return, France and Germany are assured of oil supplies from the Arab nations and spared Jihadist atrocities, (they hope).

This Euro-Arab Dialogue, (EAD) created the concept of Eurabia that was intended to bring together the two shores of the Mediterranean with the interests of European society mirroring the interests of the Arab world. The Arabs were keen to homogenise the Arab and European cultures, politics, and policies between the two shores The Arabs immediately set to work with all the educational institutions, introducing the study of the Arabic language and influencing all political bodies in using correct euphemisms when referring to Islam or the Arabs. Most of this was even financed by the EU. In other words, monitoring “political correctness” and expunging unsuitable words or derogatory concepts from the European diction/language. It was the birth of the Western “political correctness” vis-a-vis Islam. Europe facilitated the Jihadist values of the Arab world. Europeans are reluctant to denounce “Islamic terrorism” but only denounced “terrorists”. Europe now accepts with little restriction mass immigration of Arabs into Europe, which is a part of the friendship agreement, and to provide these immigrants with facilities to aid in their integration, such as freely permitting mosques, tax free Islamic charities, madrassas and their Islamic practices even permitting Sharia law courts to be established within European judicial jurisdiction.

Americans have often asked, “why do so many people (outside America) hate us?” The reason is obvious from the description of the EAD and their policies. The Arabs have used their influence on the European Union since the establishment of the EAD in 1973, to be anti-Israel, and thereby by association, also anti-America because they have supported Israel. The Arabs hoped that America too might succumb to the Arab pressures and force America to come to terms with the Arabs. Hence, the Arab hatred of Israel and America was imposed upon Europe since 1973 some 37 years ago till it is almost endemic. Most Europeans and people in Britain are not even consciously aware of the “big stick” that the Arabs are capable of wielding and their insidious influence on Brussells. Little wonder the confidence and arrogance of the Arabs. This explains why every European political leader bends over backwards to appease the Islamists and will only dare utter “political Correct” rhetoric concerning Islam or Muslims. In fact, Europe now practices “positive discrimination” in their appointments to government institutions. [2]


[1] Muslims cannot integrate into European society:
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