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Closet Author

To discuss how to become an Published author.

Why are we writing knols? Because we have something to say and we want to share it with others. Some of us have written numerous knols, and could have combined them to make up a book for publication. Why have they not done so? Are writing knols  a way of honing one’s skills at writing in preparation of a Book Publication? But to publish a book is more complicated than it appears. Can we, in open collaboration here, discuss the steps and ways to get a book published? What skills does an author require to become an author?

(1)  Literary skills and knowledge or ideas.
(2)  To be able to concieve or develop an idea or vision into a volume of about 200,000 words, (320 pages), in an style that will keep readers interested top turn the pages.
(3)  To know the way to get a Literary Agent sufficiently interested in your project to take your publication on. So it should be commercially viable. This step, however is illusive to most budding authors and some guidance is needed here in oder to get the book published.

I hope that but open collaboration we can interest would be authors and literary agents to get together to get more books published.

18.02.09 at 14:26
Let us assume you have decided to write a book and want to use you computer to do this, would you use
(1) Google Docs
(2) Google Knol
(3) Blogger
(4) Word
(5) WordPress (so far the most hopeful)
To write you book remembering the limitations on amount of space required. What are your suggestions?

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