Review: As He Saw It – Elliot Roosevelt, 20 Jun 2012

· British History, History, World War II

Review: As He Saw It – Elliot Roosevelt

History is usually written by the victors to glorify their part in the war and all the true aspects of the “infighting, intrigues, and petty ideological differences, are air brushed out of historical records.”

Although, little bits of F.D. Roosevelt’s real views on geo-politics have been expressed here and there, by and large, the media has only published what would glorify the image of these two great leaders. But Elliot Roosevelt’s book, “As I Saw It” was, to me, a true and revealing insight into the real feelings and thoughts of President F.D. Roosevelt, and the reasons for his decisions in conducting WWII. I believed in the authenticity of the inside stories told by Elliot that has changed the whole complexion of the reasons certain decisions were taken, and the final consequences from those actions on today’s state of World Affairs. Without Elliot’s revelations, only one side of the picture would have been seen. For those who want to understand President Roosevelt’s inner thoughts, only such a book would expose that insight. Non of Churchill’s writings touched on the intrigues that were going on in the head of President Roosevelt. The consequences for those decisions reverberate throughout the World today, if you have the insight to join up the dots of history and politics.

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