Review: “Infiltration” by Paul Sperry, 21 Dec 2007

· America

Review is from: Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington (Hardcover)  Paul Sperry

Americans are very patriotic and the American Constitution that includes the `Bill of Rights’ has been so instilled into the American psyche so much so that most Americans regard it as inviolable as the Bible and almost just as sacred. This was an important piece of legislature that protected America from the devious ways of Imperial Europe, in particularly Britain in the early days of America. Today, the enemies of America are using this very same legislature to infiltrate America. Americans see American Democracy as the bulwark against tyranny and oppression, yet under their very noses and unaware by most Americans, America is being infiltrated.

Americans have been very complacent about the Muslim population in their midst, believing that given the freedoms, and the opportunities that America affords that these Muslims will love America and Americans as they themselves do. Americans believe that it is still possible to be a `moderate Muslim. Except for 9/11 America has been very `politically correct’ and leaning backwards to accept Islam as just another religion, and the Muslim people like any other new immigrant into America. Americans believe with all sincerity that given time all Muslims will be absorbed and integrated into the American community. Americans believe in the strength of their cultural diversity, and their belief in the Constitution’s (sacred rights), the freedom of religion in a secular State, and the freedom of Speech and expression. But the Islamic Jihadist are using these very strengths of the American Constitution as the very tools to penetrate and eventually hope to take over, and make America a part of the Islamic caliphate.

“Infiltration” exposes the fallacy of America’s naïve trust of their Islamic population. Americans see Muslims through the façade of moderation and their semblance of patriotism. In reality, through an organized and purposeful stealth Jihadist Islam has steadily been penetrating and occupying more and more positions of influence in every important department of Security by posing as moderate benevolent and respected members of American society. But Paul Sperry exposes the more sinister aspects of the Islamic ideology in words that are not minced. Every decision making American, in Government or in Politics, or Industry must read this book to gain an idea of what is really going on just under the surface. The book shows the depth of the penetration into the American government including the U.S. Military, the FBI, the CIA, the Homeland Security Department, the White House, American society, and American culture.

“Immigration” is also a must read for European Government Officials and all European Security Officials because the parallels are so obvious. The book shows the `modus operandus’ of the militant Islamic Jihadist. I strongly recommend it to all in the security forces. The aim of the Islamic Caliphate is not a myth but remains a burning ambition in the hearts of all Muslims. All Muslims accept the Qur’an as the Word of Allah, and Islamic Jihadists believe in this same Qur’an without exception. Islamic Jihadists do not follow a violent form of the Qur’an, they follow the same Qur’an as the regular Muslims.

For those who are not too familiar with Islam, “Infiltration’ will be a rude awakening to reality.

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