Review: Son of Hamas, 6 Oct 2012 by UASSAN YOUSEF MOSAB & BRA

· Islam

Review is from: SON OF HAMAS (Paperback)

Sadly his book described in great detail about how he became a “Mossad Informer” and how he grew to appreciate the sincerity of the Jewish people and their loyalty and respect for him as an individual. The Mossad were loyal to Yousuf even when he was doubted by the CIA when he went to America and vouched for him thus ensuring his acceptance into America at the expense of exposing their own anonymous identity as a Mossad agent. Such was their loyalty to him as a person and a long time friend and collaborator.

However, Yousuf’s accidental introduction to Christianity was a separate and coincidental through his work. His understanding of Christianity is still rather fundamental and possibly naive.

Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity in his book to express the causes of “the hatred for the Jews” because of the Islamic ideology. In fact he did not discuss the differences in the ideologies of the different religions in the book. No doubt, some day, he might write another book on this topic.

I should also mention that his has now been disowned by his family for having left the faith, and his life is endangered for having left Islam. But that is the price he is willing to pay for accepting Christianity.

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