Review: “The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for Historical Jesus” by D.M.Murdock and Acharya S

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Review: “The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for Historical Jesus” by D.M.Murdock & Acharya S

I highly recommend this precise, condensed book which was easy to read and contained all the essentials to show how Christianity began. The author also argues that Jesus was in all probability an allegorical figure created from the image of some much earlier deity like Horus or Osiris. Thus Jesus of the Bible was a mythological personality. The whole of Christianity was based on much older myths from other older religious beliefs such as the Egyptian religions and beliefs. But such connections were severely suppressed for centuries.

The early scribes and Christian fathers of the Old and New Testaments were ignorant and superstitious and were guided by the only available known biological and scientific knowledge of their day and they were never guided by the wisdom of an omniscient God.

The Gospels are full of contradictions, and there is even evidence of forgery. The Gospels were the works of fictitious ghost writers. The fact that Paul never mentioned the historical background of Jesus in all his discourses is indeed very significant and suspicious. Also, as no literary persons of Jesus’ time has ever mentioned Jesus in their writings, nor has any documents of that period ever found to have mentioned Jesus it makes it rather convincing that Jesus did not live at the time claimed for his existence in the Bible. So either Jesus is a fictitious figure or he is a character portraying a deity of an earlier period.

Even Jesus’ disciples appear to be characters representing personalities of a much earlier period. The Ten Commandments are a variation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Baptism, Pharaohs born of the Sun God and were Gods themselves, the concept of resurrection, the Trinity, are all concepts directly traceable to Egyptian religious beliefs and rituals.

In conclusion, the authors do not believe that a historical Jesus ever lived.

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