Review: “Who Wrote the Bible?” by Washington Gladden

· Christianity, History

This brief book, “Who Wrote the Bible” by Gladden looks at the human literary skills in the writing,transcribing, editing, preserving, transmitting, translating and publishing the Bible but does not examine the doctrines nor the spirituality of the religion. He concludes that the Bible was written by men, from many lands,  a little at a time, over several generations,  to produce a history of their beliefs and doctrines, and that it was not a work done in Heaven or by angels.

But he believes that the men who wrote the Bible knew more about humanity and their struggles, their aspirations, than any other men who ever lived. The New Testament also brings to us the life and words of Jesus Christ as the authors saw it. He extols the virtues of the messages of the Bible. Many evangelists many not appreciate his cold analytical approach to the authorship of the Bible. A book suitable for a researcher.

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