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Did Jesus Exist?

Introduction This article is posted here mostly for reference purposes and for quotations for my writings. THE BIBLE GOSPELS The most “authoritative” accounts of a historical Jesus come from the four canonical Gospels of the Bible. Note that these Gospels did not come into the Bible as original and authoritative from the authors themselves, but […]

The Islamisation of the European Union

Introduction With the passage of time memories get blurred and even history is forgotten especially for the younger members of society who were not exposed to the follies or our politicians. This is the main reason I am attempting to reconstruct some of past historical events to keep our visions in perspective. One of the […]

10 Commandments and the Book of the Dead

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS AND THE BOOK OF THE DEAD There seems to be a similarity between the moral codes of the ancient Egyptians and the early Israelites. The Ten Commandments given by God to Moses on the top of Mount Sinai are clearly set in an Egyptian tradition and would seem to have common roots […]

Creationism Debunked

Creationism Debunked American Atheists, Inc. In the words of Harvard biologist-paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, “Creation science is an oxymoron.”An oxymoron (lit., “a wise fool”) is a contradiction in terms. Just as it is impossible for a fool to be wise, so too is it impossible for creationism to be science. Anyone concerned about the meanings […]

Islamic Backbiting – Gheebat

I am looking up information regarding “informers in Islam” and to see the attitude of Muslims towards this. So this blog will continue to be added to until I have sufficient material to write about it. In Urdu, “ghibat Karna” means “backbite” and “gheebat karna” means “slanderer.” But the English equivalent I was seeking was: […]


Introduction Dr. Craig M. Lyons’ article is reproduced in full below because it expresses the views and sentiments similar to my own. I too have sought to seek the “historical Jesus” and I too have gone down a similar path and come to very similar conclusions, reflecting Dr. Lyons’ views as can be observed in […]

Genesis As Allegory by Prof.Jeffrey Tigay

Genesis As Allegory Recognizing the deeper meaning of the text. By┬áDr. Jeffrey Tigay Reprinted with permission from┬áConservative Judaism Journal. In showing that the Universe had a beginning, science has come closer to the teachings of the Bible than ever before. Nevertheless, there is still a considerable distance between current scientific thought and the details of […]