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Review: Christ in Egypt by D.M. Murdock

I seriously recommend this well researched book relating to the religion of ancient Egypt to any serious reader who wishes to find the origins and historicity of Christianity. It is not a novel but an in-depth research documentation of the religious beliefs and customs of ancient Egypt and its probable effect on the evolution of […]

Quotations: Why there is no God

  SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/mbplee/Documents/Microsoft%20User%20Data/Quotatioins-WhyNoGod.doc A collection of Quotations re: Why there is No God   “Properly read, the bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived.” – Isaac Asimov   “Now, if the book of Genesis is an allegory, then sin is an allegory, the Fall is an allegory and the need for a Saviour […]

Discussion: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity

ludensian, the video you posted on, “The Wine of Babylon” by Walter J. Veith, raises many points. But your remarks are most revealing, ” Amuhd, you continue to falsely identify true Christianity with corrupted Orthodox Christendom. If you understood the Bible you would clearly see that it condemns not only Babylonian paganism but also pagan Egyptian […]

Review: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity by Moustafa Gadalla

The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity by Moustafa Gadalla Published 2007, 192 pages, Kindle Edition rated ***** Over the centuries, the historicity and authenticity of the Bible has never been challenged because Judaism, Christianity and Islam have considered such challenges as heresy and have severely punished anyone who dared to challenge their doctrines. However, with […]