Review: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity by Moustafa Gadalla


The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity by Moustafa Gadalla

Published 2007, 192 pages, Kindle Edition rated *****

Over the centuries, the historicity and authenticity of the Bible has never been challenged because Judaism, Christianity and Islam have considered such challenges as heresy and have severely punished anyone who dared to challenge their doctrines. However, with today’s quest for “freedom of information” it is now almost impossible to repress any free thinking or freedom of investigation. Hence we observe a plethora of articles on the historicity of Moses, and Jesus, and the Gospel writers etc. in the 20th and 21st centuries when the instant availability of information is made so much more possible through the internet.

Moustafa Gadalla has managed to encapsulate in this little short book, the connection of Christianity with the Ancient religion and customs of ancient Egypt, in a very logical and convincing manner. He, of course refers to other writers like Egyptologist E.A.Wallis Budge, “The Gods of the Egyptians” 1969 and the scholar A.N.Wilson, “Jesus:The Jesus of History and the Jesus of Faith” who illustrated that the tenets of Christianity are all from the ancient Egyptian ideologies.

Firstly, Gadalla illustrates that all the major biblical ancestors of the biblical Jesus were all in fact traceable to prominent individuals of ancient Egypt and shows where the verbal transmission of historical fact could easily have confused the sequence of events or even the chronology of fact. The fact that the Egyptian hieroglyphics lacked specifics could easily explain for errors of names and places. The coincidence of the similarities of incidences and characteristics are so acute that one cannot but accept that the arguments warrant serious consideration. This of course puts a different light on the historicity within the Bible.

Next, if one reads, with an open mind, the accounts in the New Testament of the “historical Jesus” as related by the Gospel writers and then compare that to the historical life of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tut-Ankh-Amun, which has been accurately documented in the annals of Egyptian history (inscribed in the tombs of the Pharaohs,) the similarity is hauntingly uncanny and quite unmistakably a mirror image of the last of the Pharaohs. This practically confirms that “Biblical Jesus” is an allegorical folklore written in the honour and memory of a much beloved Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The deceptive misleader is the Christian claim that Jesus lived in the beginning of the Christian century, CE, yet there are no historical or archaeological evidence to prove that Jesus existed in the early years of the Christian era.

Finally, Gadalla illustrates that the Jesus of Faith and the Christian tenets were all Egyptian in origin; i.e., the teachings/messages, the creation of the universe and the creation of Man (as described in Genesis), as well as many of the current religious  holidays and festivities. In other words, Judaism and Christianity evolved out of Egyptian religious customs, rituals, and ideology but this fact was hidden from us for the past 2000 years by our religious gurus, priests and Popes.

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