Discussion: The Ancient Egyptian Roots of Christianity


ludensian, the video you posted on, “The Wine of Babylon” by Walter J. Veith, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-VrL3ZBb48 raises many points. But your remarks are most revealing, ”

Amuhd, you continue to falsely identify true Christianity with corrupted Orthodox Christendom.
If you understood the Bible you would clearly see that it condemns not only Babylonian paganism but also pagan Egyptian religions whose origins came out of Babylon.

I do not agree with everything in his lectures but much of it is well founded historically.

Firstly, I must commend you for reading outside the “box” even if you have added that, “you do not agree with everything Veith has said.” Because most evangelical Christians feel that anything outside the “box” is blasphemous and unacceptable, the fact that you are willing to quote Veith shows that you are exposing yourself to views outside orthodoxy.

What I find irrational is your claim that there are two versions of Christianity, the “true Christianity” and the “corrupted Orthodox Christendom.” I find it impossible to draw a distinction. What you claim as, “corrupted Christendom” is to me the “original evolution of Christianity from the pagan religions of Babylonian and Egyptian ancient religions, which were of course pagan polytheist religions. The Christianity of today as illustrated in the Bible, mainly the New Testament is the result of the evolution of monotheism from polytheism. (What Veith did not touch upon was the historicity of the Biblical characters.)

As stated, Professor Walter J. Veith was a devout Roman Catholic. It is obvious that because of the revelations of his studies, he is now convinced that much of Christianity was evolved from pagan Babylonian ancient religions as illustrated by his many examples of the similarities on the token, symbols, and rituals of Catholicism to that of the Babylonian ancient religion. The similarities are too numerous to put down to coincidence, and that these were simply adopted or passed down from generation to generation and still prevalent in todays Roman Catholicism.

Although Professor Walter J. Veith has referred mostly to Babylonian traditions and symbolism because for some reason or other, Jews and Catholics preferred to be connected with the Babylonians rather than to their much hated Egyptian traditions and culture. Yet if one superimposed the timeline of the Babylonian ancient civilisation on top of that of the Egyptian ancient civilisation, it clearly shows that the Egyptian civilisation was much earlier and much longer a civilisation than that of the Babylonian civilisation and would have had a much greater influence in the religious customs and traditions of that region. That the overall Egyptian religious civilisation probably formed the Babylonian religious traditions.

For 2 hours, Veith had gone into great detail in his lecture in identifying the influence of pagan Babylonian religious rites and symbolism that have crept or evolved in the Roman Catholic rites and symbolism that no one could deny that Christianity must have evolved from Babylonian and Egyptian religious customs and ritualism.

Since the Babylonian and Egyptian civilisations were very much more ancient than the Christian civilisation, there is no was they could have been responsible for the corruption of the Christian ideologies because it did not even exist and had not yet evolved until the evolution of monotheism within the Egyptian religious beliefs itself. I believe that it was the evolution of Egyptian monotheism that was the birth place of monotheist Christianity.  This is where the historicity of Egyptian monotheism, of Egyptian pharaohs, and historicity of Moses, the founder of Judaism, and of the historicity of Jesus is of utmost importance in determining the evolution of Judaism and Christianity.

Now to claim that there is a pure and uncorrupted Christianity by Babylonian and Egyptian ancient religions is like saying that Christianity appeared suddenly, uniquely, with the birth of Jesus is simply a simplification too far. Religious the world over, Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, did not evolve this way with the birth or appearance of a Holy figure. Religious ideologies evolved with the evolution of the human mind, his experiences and his needs and fears. Christianity evolved from pagan Egyptian ancient religions without a doubt. Historicity of Christianity will have proven that.

ludensian, I have spent 1 hour 26 minutes watching the second video by Walter J. Veith, “The Islamic Connection/Total Onslaught, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCmSBfVXEmA

with much interest and horror. The reason I am horrified is that it was possible for Veith to use available script and scriptures  and Roman Catholicism and Free Masonry to be able to weave a nightmarish scenario of an Islamic-Christian connection. The speculation that there is a direct connection between Roman Catholicism and the Free Masons is simply speculation by outsiders.  It is, of course pure fantasy and wild conjecture to suggest that such a connection could ever be a possibility. I cannot accept his presentation because there are too many other facts that prove that ideologically it could never happen. But he has proven that there are many world leaders such as Billy Graham and others who still are blind to the true doctrines of Islam and are still attempting to apologise for Islam and believe that it is possible for a trialogue.  Even Pope Francis believes dialogue with Islam is possible, showing his lack of insight into the history and tradition of Islam. A compromise between Christianity and Islam, in my opinion, is impossible because the gap of ideology is unbridgeable and such prouncements by such men are dangerous and irresponsible, showing their lack of in depth knowledge of Islam.

What Veith’s lecture on this topic shows is that it is so easy to mislead people using text out of context and disjointed, it is possible to weave an unbelievable and impossible situation of Christian-Islamic control of the minds of all peoples of this universe. But I am glad to observe the Veith still believes in a Christian God.

Veith’s ability to speak continunously for hours on these subjects without notes astounds me.

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