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Hijab and Niqab

This article seeks clarification. The Hijab             The Hijab 1               The Hijab                 The Niqab 1             The Burqa             The Burka 1       […]

Hijab and Niqab in the Quran

This article seeks clarification. The Hijab               The Hijab                   The Niqab                 The Burqa The above are pictorial definitions of the hijab, niqab and the burka for clarification to non-Muslims. The Qur’an is […]

State Religion Reference

This is for the purposes of reference: Christianity Argentina (Roman Catholicism) Denmark (Lutheranism) El Salvador (Roman Catholicism) England (Church of England, see below) Greece (Orthodox) Iceland (Lutheranism) Malta (Roman Catholicism) Norway (Lutheranism) Scotland (Church of Scotland (Presbyterianism)) Vatican City (Roman Catholicism) Islam Afghanistan Algeria Bahrain Bangladesh Egypt Iran (specifically Shia) Iraq Jordan Libya Malaysia Mauritania […]

Discussion on Biblical Historicity

ludensian, thank you for your reply. I believe that our discussions here are unique even though our views are mainly in contradiction. The common gound we have is our similar Quest to find, or confirm our faiths based on all available literatures (not personal prejudices.) And what has kept our dialogue going is our fairly […]