Discussion on Biblical Historicity

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ludensian, thank you for your reply. I believe that our discussions here are unique even though our views are mainly in contradiction. The common gound we have is our similar Quest to find, or confirm our faiths based on all available literatures (not personal prejudices.) And what has kept our dialogue going is our fairly deep knowledge of the subject matter of which we disagree and yet we have managed to be civil to one another. This last trait appears to be lacking with most other people; I refuse to discuss such a topic with ignorant fools as it only ends in insults.

You said,

“We have two options, we either exist by the mere chance of countless theoretical evolutionary accidents and have presently arrived as Homo Sapiens….therefore we have no purpose other than the survival of the fittest…and somehow acquired a “moral compass” as a survival tool, ie “do me no harm and I will not harm you” (However when it comes to nations, cultures and false religion this moral compass breaks down.)

…once one denies a Creator, the ONLY option left  is evolution.

But you seem to have drifted off and not stated your second option which I must assume to be “Creation.” Then you begin to support yoour ideas with views from Wolf-Ekkehard lonnig, and Dr. John Ashton. You argues that “evolution” defies the “laws of probability.” You see, this is where we deviate violently.

It is Christianity and the Christian belief in “Creativity” that defies the laws of Nature, the laws of Physics, the Laws of Cosmic Science,  the laws of Historicity, and the laws of Probability. Also many authors have also proven that it has “never” been necessary for “moral compass” to be derived from religion nor proclaimed by a Divine Authority. (For example, this is why the Divine declaration by god is law in some communities: Qur’an:8:39 “Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah.” That is a Moral Diktat of Allah. I could find an equivalent Christian verse.) From what I have said, I can only conclude that the “probability of creation by the “God of Moses” in accordance to the Bible stories” is impossible, because it violates all those laws I have mentioned even if the God of Moses is supposed to be omniscient. [But whether there was a god (not the God of the Bible) who created the Cosmos and life before any god was created on earth, is another matter not yet considered by scientists and theologians.]

You said, “The Bible differs entirely in this respect; its records are completely accurate and honest, providing specific names, genealogies,  places and their names, dates, and times that can be verified. For example, regarding the time when Jesus commenced his ministry, the Bible account provides the names of seven contemporaneous rulers and leaders, so that the reader can ascertain the exact time by comparing the Bible record with reliable history. (Luke 3:1, 2) If a book was written under the direction of God, it must be completely accurate and truthful, as is the case with the Bible.”

Of course, there appears much correlation of names and places, or even genealogies when much of the legends were plagiarised from the Egyptians. Jesus’ ministry was identical to the ministry of Horus the legendary god of Egypt. The story of Jesus is a personification of the story of Horus. There has never been any evidence that Jesus actually lived nor performed all those miracles stated in the bible that was not already performed by Orisis, Isis or Horus. So the accuracy of the Bible is as accurate as the Egyptian legends of the lives of Osiris, Isis or Horus.

This is why my quest for the historicity of the writers of the Gospels, the historicity of Moses, the historicity of Jesus has led me to find the history of the Egyptian legends. And there I found the stories of the Bible written 3,000 years before the Christian era, already written out in full in hieroglyphics that still remain as proof today. The Bible was the clever work of plagiarists who attempted to portray it as the word as directed by God. The evidence is irrefutable, but you have to study it yourself to ascertain the evidence. The Egyptian legends are legends pure and simple, and the Bible is identical to those same legends. Surely and omnipotent God would have ensured that His would be original.

I am not concerned that our views do not agree. Greater theologians, and archaeologists do not agree on this issue. What is important is that you continue to keep your mind open and continue to do your researches. But as you have stated, you are so busy with your responsibilities, will you have the time to do your research? My advantage over you is that I have lived among people of different religions and cultures, and then studied their religions and culture and then compared Christianity against them. I gives me a deeper understanding of the human nature. Besides I have live and experienced more than most of you and that provides me a perspective unavailable to younger men; I experienced WWII and suffered the bombings and the carnage and the sufferings and saw people blown to bits, and that too mellows my views of life and death.



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