Liberalism and Secularism will Destroy Christianity



A collection of essays and observations will show that liberalism and secularism will destroy Christianity and the Western Civilisation if it is not stopped in its tracks.

The Founding Fathers were Secularists.
Posted on July 16, 2012 by JustNorrik

I hear Christians and those on the “right” making the claim of how we should return our country to the way it was when the founding fathers started it. As if the founding fathers created the United States to be a Christian nation, they didn’t. Most of the people who came to America prior to the creation of the United States and after, will cite their coming to the US for economic and/or religious freedom and this is well documented. In the case of religious freedom, one has to ask: if the United States was a Christian nation and Europe was mainly Christian/Catholic what was the need for “religious freedom”?  If you’re obeying God’s word according to Christianity, what is the need to create a secular country somewhere else where religion is separated from government? wouldn’t they want Christianity to be the state religion?

This raises two points, the first is if a group of people are wanting religious freedom, and it’s within the same religion, then how bad does the religious belief have to be to want to escape it? Was religious persecution that bad in Europe that people wanted to leave? oh I guess it was, so what has changed in 200 years? Well that same religious persecution has moved to the United States. It’s pretty obvious the founding fathers wanted a secular society so as to avoid the religious tyranny that was pervasive in Europe in the early 18th century to come to the United States. With a monarchy religion was able to run rampant almost unchecked across Europe. It not only gave the monarchy tighter control over the citizens but it also gave the church power, and two masters are two masters too many according to the reason’s of our founding fathers.

The second point of this, is how religious people are so quick to define the founding fathers and what they want without giving it much to any thought. The founding fathers could have very easily made Christianity the state religion IF they were the devout Christians they’ve been made out to be. But we know by the laws of our country, this isn’t the case, so what possible explanation is there? We know if they were devout, we’d live in a Christian state, but we don’t, so the answer is something else. We live in a secular country because the founding fathers were not sold on Christianity, some were Christian no doubt, but not enough of them to vote in existence the US being a Christian Nation. So it’s safe to say 3/4th of them were not devout enough to make the United States a Christian nation.

So what’s the reason for making the claim “the founding fathers created a Christian nation..” when we know by the laws of our country this isn’t the case?
I think it’s one of many routes to regain the religious control pre-20th century that the church acquired through intimidation, extortion and sexual/gender/racial fear mongering. The classic example is how long it took women to gain equality in a so-called “Christian Society”. It’s obvious that secularism had a certain level of impact on groups seeking equality over the past 100 years. The more secular a society is the more equality plays a positive role, and conversely the more religious a society is the less equality plays a positive role and in some cases plays a negative role altogether.

Knowing this just causes me to face palm every time I hear a Christian or “right-wing” politician or supporter say “Our Founding Fathers were Christians and they…”


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  1. jonolan

    And such destruction is the goal of the Liberals and the Secularists.

    • mbplee

      jonolan, libertarians and secularists, with good intentions, mistakenly believe that their goals are for equality and the good of mankind without realising that they have opened the gates of their fortress to infiltration that will lead to their own demise.Just study how Islamisation has destroyed the homeland securities of most nations the Muslims have infiltrated and now have 10% or more Muslims.

      • jonolan

        I don’t think that they believe that their goals are for equality and the good of mankind. I think they believe their goals are for the betterment and material good of the protected subset of mankind that they pander to.

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