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Emperor Constantine, Eusebius, and the Bible

Emperor Constantine We always have learned in school that god wrote the bible,but after doing research I starting to think that its not true.If Constantine did have some involvement with the bible how did we as a society come to worship it and why does the catholic church embrace it so much if it wasnt […]

The Forged Origins of The New Testament***

I will reproduce the article in full and discuss it later below. by Tony Bushby Spanish version March 2007 Extracted from Nexus Magazine Volume 14, Number 4 (June – July 2007) from NexusMagazine Website In the fourth century, the Roman Emperor Constantine united all religious factions under one composite deity, and ordered the compilation of […]

A Silence That Screams – (No contemporary historical accounts for “jesus)

Copied in full for further research and quotes. – Todangst (with Rook Hawkins) “[T]here is not a single contemporary historical mention of Jesus, not by Romans or by Jews, not by believers or by unbelievers, not during his entire lifetime. This does not disprove his existence, but it certainly casts great doubt on the historicity […]

Why we Do Not Know How to deal with Islam

This article is clearly why we have become so ignorant about Islam. It is because we attempted to avoid religious animosity and hatred that we have created an even greater monster. Ex-counterterror official: “We don’t have enough FBI agents who understand Islam” Robert Spencer Oct 27, 2014 In October 2011, the Obama Administration banned all […]

Creation in Different Religions: Part II: Discussions

Introduction This post is a discussion on, “Creation in Different Religions” The article has compiled essential data on the concept of “Creation” and the way it influenced their religion and their culture and to ascertain the authenticity of such assumptions. Essential to the overall concept to this ideology was the effect of  the development […]

Creation in Different Religions: Part I – Background Data

Taoist Mythology of Creation There are five major views of creation in China: The first, and most consistent historically, is that no myth exists. This is not to say there were none existing at all, only that there is no evidence showing an attempt to explain the world’s origin. The second view is very indirect. […]

History of the Word Palestine and False Claims to Palestine

This is a copy of an article with links attached. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT “palestinians” AND THE BIG LIE: There is a myth hanging over all discussion of the Palestinian problem: the myth that this land was “Arab” land taken from its native inhabitants by invading Jews. Whatever may be the correct solution […]

Why People Fail to Recognise their Own Incompetence

An interesting topic. I will collect a few views and examine the results. Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.—Confucius “Abstract Successful negotiation of everyday life would seem to require people to possess insight about deficiencies in their intellectual and social skills. However, people tend to be blissfully unaware of their incompetence. […]

Discussion on Ahmadiyya

A Copy of discussions with chillwurzel. chillwurzel: “It’s a long time since I have had my indifference stirred as this post has. It has raised only two questions in my mind. Why does a despiser of Islam like yourself care whether some sect is in or out of the fold? The other question, probably of […]

The Significance of Abrogation in Islam

It is essential when attempting to interpret the Quran that the influence of abrogation is fully understood. Thus I reproduce the following article in full. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) In other words, if a country is perceived to be hindering the spread of Islam, Muslims are obliged to wage war […]

Are New Laws Against Extremism Needed – Charles Utley

SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2014 19:33 Are New Laws Against “Extremism” Needed – or Wise? By cutley Theresa May made a rather good speech to the Conservative Party Conference. She has shown, in the last few months, that she is prepared to stand up to the police, quite courageously. She did it again today when she spoke movingly […]