Discussion on Ahmadiyya


A Copy of discussions with chillwurzel.


“It’s a long time since I have had my indifference stirred as this post has. It has raised only two questions in my mind. Why does a despiser of Islam like yourself care whether some sect is in or out of the fold? The other question, probably of greater import, is whether this sect is something we should worry about. I suspect that they are mostly ordinary people going harmlessly about their business.”


chillwurzel, you raise a fair question. I hope you will see this reply via the auto reply email. I will have to make it comprehensive so that you will have no doubt of the purpose for my being pedantic on this issue.

(1) I am a (private) investigative researcher of facts, dismissing mythology or misrepresentations that misleads the public, or lies that mislead the public.

(2) I would like to correct your statement, “a despiser of Islam.” I am not a dispiser of Islam. I decided to understand Islam from its very roots. I have decided to study and understand the philosophy of Islam and to correct any misunderstandings about Islam that is currently being spread by misinformers. (I have done the same for analysis for Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity, Scientology, etc.)

(3) Ahmadiyya religious sect members constantly portray themselves and speak as though they were Muslims i.e., followers of Islam. Because they have corrupted the orthodox Quran to the extent that Sunni and Shiite and other Muslims have rejected them as, “out of the fold of Islam” and this is even incorporated into the Constitution of Pakistan, Having evaluated Ahmadi ideologies against that of Islamic ideologies, I totally agree with such a decision and feel it is justified that they have been rejected. I repeat it to remind the Ahmadis who constantly overlook this fact.
By the way, I accept the ideology of the Ahmadis as Ahmadi ideologies, but never as Islamic ideologies as described in the Quran. I accept Ahmadis as Ahmadis if only they would so admit it themselves. But they insist that they represent the whole of Islam when they speak, they do not. So they are misleading the innocent and the gullible that they represent the views of Islam, they do not.
By not clearly identifying that they represent Ahmadis, and NOT Islam, they are misleading the public. So when they quote, Ahmadis use the slogan,

“Love for All, Hatred for None.”

My heckles rise because they are lies and propaganda. Why? Because their founder also said,

1. “Except for the children of Prostitute, whose hearts have been
sealed by Allah, everyone else believes in me and has accepted me.
(Mirza Ghulam Ahmad)
(Aina-e-Kamaiat-e-islam, Roohani Khazain vol.5 p.547)

2. “Allah has revealed to me that anyone to whom my message has reached and he has not accepted me, he is not a Muslim.”
(Letter of Mirza Ghulam to Dr. Hakeem Khan Patiaivi)

That clearly illustrates the hypocrisy of the Ahmadi slogan?

I would have no qualms if Ahmadis would identify themselves as Ahmadis and not try to steal the cloak of Islam to tell their lies. It infuriates me because it reminds me of William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) in WWII.

Bear in mind that the founder Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has rejected other Muslims as Muslims if they did not accept Ghulam Ahmad, the 19th century crank, as a prophet of Allah. Another gross hypocrisy.

3. You asked, “whether this sect(Ahmadi) is something we should worry about?”

If you are asking, by way of terrorism or violence – NO. But by portraying Islam/Muslims as a religion of, “Love for All, and Hatred for none” is totally misleading, disarming and untrue and leaves us unaware and unprepared for the dangers of Jihadist Islam. This is the damage they do, to hide the aggressive and domineering theocracy of Islam to the ignorant world. And this is what I want to counteract, to tell the real truth of what Ahmadi lies could do to leave the West too complacent and falsely feel secure when the Jihadist are planning to destroy the Western world of infidels.

I hope this will tell you how I see the damage Ahmadis are doing to undermine the western resistance to Islamic insurgency.

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