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Reference To Jews In The Koran

References to Jews in the Koran The Koran is divided into 114 chapters called suras. The following are translations of passages found in these suras that are related to Jews. As in any translation, the original language is not always easy to render in English, and this particular translation uses more temperate language than some […]

The Complex African Culture

The African Complex Culture Any study of African culture must take into account that Africa 5 minutes ago, 50 years ago, 500 years ago and Africa 5000 years ago is not a static feature. A diverse Africa has influenced, and been influenced. Concepts and cultures of African origin have been exported and re-imported, just as […]

Understanding Islamic Extremism

Understanding Islamic Extremism Islamic extremism is driven by a totalitarian interpretation of Islam that believes in a global Islamic state. By Ryan Mauro – Sun, January 26, 2014 What is Islamic Extremism? Islamic extremism is driven by an interpretation of Islam that believes that Islamic law, or sharia, is an all-encompassing religious-political system. Since it […]

The Quran – A Manual of Hate

Qur’an teaches hate September 14, 2013 1:23 pm By Robert Spencer He said that the Qur’an is a book that teaches hate. Does it? Let’s see: 2:65 Allah transforms disobedient Jews into apes “And well you know there were those among you [Jews] that transgressed the Sabbath, and We said to them, “˜Be you apes, […]

France: The Failure of Western Secularism (edited)

FRANCE: THE FAILURE OF WESTERN SECULARISM For well over fifty years France has taken in large numbers of Muslim immigrants, mainly from its former colonies in North Africa. Especially in the 1960s and 1970s, when the economy was booming, they were needed to do the menial jobs that French people no longer wanted to do. […]

Five Reasons Why Islam is a Cult

Five Reasons Why Islam is a Cult Posted on January 21, 2014 by Baron Bodissey Bob Smith returns with a guest-essay about the cultic characteristics of Islam. Five Reasons Why Islam is a Cult Unpleasant fact — worldwide consequences by Bob Smith 1. A Muslim who quits Islam has to worry about being killed by […]

100th Anniversary of Secularism in France

December 9, 2005 100th Anniversary of Secularism in France Introduction December 9, 2005, marks the 100th anniversary of secularism in France, known as “laïcité.” In 1905 the French government passed a law stipulating “the separation of churches and the state,” thus enshrining secularism as a national principle. The law, which barred the state from officially […]

The Roots of Islamic Turmoil in the 21st Century

The Roots of Islamic Turmoil in the 21st Century Perhaps the signal for today’s Islamic turmoil all over the world was the “Arab Spring.” But that was only the outward manifestation of the turmoil of the Islamic psyche, of their frustrations of their backwardness and lack of opportunities for their youth. This ferment has been […]