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BREAKING: Germanwings Co-Pilot Was Muslim Convert

Emerging evidence indicates that the 28 year old copilot who crashed a Germanwings flight this week had converted to Islam, and had stayed at the same mosque which radicalized Mohammed Atta from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Police have reportedly found an “item of significance” at the apartment of Andreas Lubitz, the […]

Once Mild, Islam Looks Harsher In Indonesia

Once Mild, Islam Looks Harsher In Indonesia By JANE PERLEZ – Published: September 3, 2003 JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 2 The moderate strand of Islam that absorbed touches of Buddhism and Hinduism, and some mysticism, along its journey over the centuries here, is being eroded, some fear at a rapid pace. The battle for the soul […]

The Myth of the Palestinian People

The Myth of the Palestinian People The word, ‘Palestinian’ is a creation of modern political convenience, and has been hijacked by the Islamic Arabs to serve their own Islamic-religious-political agenda, without any historical grounds. Yet, despite historical evidence, the Islamic Arabs have been able to force the West, through stubborn intransigence, intimidation and even blackmail […]

The History and Meaning of “Palestine” and “Palestinians”

“There is no such thing as a Palestinian Arab nation . . . Palestine is a name the Romans gave to Eretz Yisrael with the express purpose of infuriating the Jews . . . . Why should we use the spiteful name meant to humiliate us? The British chose to call the land they mandated […]

A Caliphate

What is a Caliphate? A caliphate is simply an Islamic state that is ruled by Islamic law, or sharia law and is governed by a caliph. The caliph, or khalifah is considered to be the successor to Muhammad. This is the simplest understanding of the caliphate, but throughout history how the caliphate has been defined […]


I quote in full with comments following. (9850 words) Question: Does Islam teach hatred of non-believers? Summary Answer: ***There is no place in the Quran where Muhammad commands Muslims to love people of other religions. By contrast there are at least three dozen verses that tell Muslims to fight against non-Muslims and about 500 that […]


IS MOHAMMED A DESCENDENT OF ISHMAEL? By Dr. Rafat Amari Most Muslims believe that Muhammad is the descendent of Ishmael and thus of Abraham but this cannot be substantiated. If Muhammad is not a descendent of Ishmael, it does challenge the Muslim claims of the antiquity and legitimacy of much of the origins of the […]

Tibetans are genetic mix of Sherpas and Han

The genetic make-up of Tibetans is likely the result of a mix of Nepali Sherpas and Han Chinese, according to American scientists. They say that two ancestral gene pools – one belonging to a group that migrated 30,000 years ago and adapted to high altitudes, and another that migrated more recently from low altitudes – […]

Test of Integrity and Credibility – The Koran

Nothing in the world scrutinises & tests a person’s integrity more so than legal proceedings. Those in law enforcement and the legal profession are aware of the value of consistent statements. When an individual makes a statement that is inconsistent or contradicts previous statement made at an earlier time it is seen as a “red […]

Understanding Islamism

Understanding Islamic Extremism Islamic extremism is driven by a totalitarian interpretation of Islam that believes in a global Islamic state. By Ryan Mauro Sun, January 26, 2014 What is Islamic Extremism? Islamic extremism is driven by an interpretation of Islam that believes that Islamic law, or sharia, is an all-encompassing religious-political system. Since it is […]

Marine LePen:

Marine LePen:A Unique Voice in the Rise of Anti-Muslim Political Parties in Europe Kevin MacDonald- January 12, 2011 Coming on the heels of visits to Israel by Geert Wilders and a delegation of other luminaries of the European anti-Muslim right, Adar Primor of Ha’aretz interviewed Marine LePen, the daughter of Jean Marie LePen and likely […]