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Examining the Truth of Early Historians of Jesus Christ

I will attempt to separate the truth from fiction/hearsay in examining historical narratives of the historicity of Jesus Christ. I will highlight, in bold, what I believe are the essential points to consider in our deliberations. Thalus and Julius Africanus Thallus, a Samaritan-born historian who lived and worked in Rome about A.D. 52, wrote to […]

British Warship Visits Japan in support of her claim to the Sankaku Island

The following show all the reasons why Britain has not been successful in attempting to get a meaningful trading partnership with China. China does not trust Britain’s intentions. William Hague, Britain’s Foreign Secretary, has already exposed his anti-Sino views very early on in his career and has not changed his stance ever since: Hague speaks […]

Detroit: Where did it all go wrong?

Detroit: Where did it all go wrong? Detroit has filed for bankruptcy, unable to pay $18.5 billion in debts. How did the city of Motown and the car industry sink so low? By Harriet Alexander11:58AM BST 19 Jul 2013 It shouldn’t have come to this. Detroit was once the pride of America; home of the […]