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Biblical Historicity – reading list

This is a brief list of books worth reading that is outside the box. (1) there was no Jesus, there is no God by Raphael Lataster, Kindle £2.32 Publication Date: 2 Sept. 2013 In this unique book, sceptical Religious Studies scholar, Raphael Lataster, seeks to merge the accessibility of popular atheistic writings, with the rigorous scholarly […]

A Cult

A Cult The line between religions and cults can be a blurry one at times. Although some prefer to distinguish between cults and religions, there are some indisputable similarities. For example, both sometimes encourage donations from their followers and promote the sacrifice of food and other luxuries in the name of ritual observances. However, cults […]

Liberalism and Secularism will Destroy Christianity (paraphrased)

Introduction The Birth of Secularism in the United States During the birth of the United States, the Founding Fathers gathered all of the injustices that they experienced under England’s absolute authoritarian control by the Crown and the Church, and so took many steps to ensure that the same violations would never be experienced by the […]

The Quran Proves that there is No Such Thing as a Moderate Muslim

THE QUR’AN PROVES THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MODERATE ISLAM OR MODERATE MUSLIMS Geri Ungurean | December 25, 2014 For many, this article will be eye-opening to say the least. We have all heard of Christians in name only. Moderate Muslims are Muslims in name only, and they are hated by those who are […]