Liberalism and Secularism will Destroy Christianity (paraphrased)



The Birth of Secularism in the United States

During the birth of the United States, the Founding Fathers gathered all of the injustices that they experienced under England’s absolute authoritarian control by the Crown and the Church, and so took many steps to ensure that the same violations would never be experienced by the citizens of the new United States. With state sanctioned religions being common in Europe, the Founding Fathers recognized the need for the right to practice any religion you desire. This idea has now been interpreted to mean that faith and religion should be absent from government life and control and will be the crux of American culture. Based on various sources from the Founding Fathers, this is clearly not what they had intended. This paper will examine that they, Americans, relied on their Creator for strength during the Revolutionary War and they felt that religion would need to remain strong in American society for the nation to grow and remain strong. But this assurance was never incorporated into their First Amendment, sadly.

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