Syrian Refugees Do Not Plead For Compassion, They DEMAND Their Human Rights


From my observations, I have noticed that the Syrian Refugees, which includes thousands of Economic Migrants for many Islamic countries as far away as Bangladesh, are no longer seeking refuge by seeking compassion and sympathy of their plight, but they are now getting aggressive and demanding their Human Rights, attacking border policemen with sticks and stones when they cannot have their way. Is this a precursor of what is in store when then have reached their end destination and begin to demand their Islamic Rights? It is a sinister preview of the future.


Two months after their arrival in Berlin, on December 8, the refugees also occupied a large abandoned school building just blocks from the tent camp. These days some 125 refugees live between the school and the camp, where posters and banners display messages reading,

“The right to asylum is not a privilege – it is a human right” and “Break isolation. Stop deportation.”

The refugees have stated three clear demands, which they’ve printed on literature, published on blogs and addressed to the city government:

1) abolish the Residenzphflicht law that forbids free movement within the country,

2) close the nation’s network of refugee camps, which have kept some people in isolated and inhumane conditions for decades, and

3) stop all deportations of asylum seekers.

“I’m not expecting anything in the near future,” says Ahmed, warming his hands by the fire. “But I’m expecting a lot of things in the long term. I think what we need to change is the law itself, and in order to change laws, you have to wait and you have to be patient.

“We’re here for four months, and we’ve achieved a lot of things. We’ve been to the Parliament, which has never happened in Germany.”

Surprisingly, the long-running protest and occupation has been met with little opposition from the Berlin government. The refugees have been in close contact with the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, as well as members of parliament from both the Green and Left parties, while other parties have shown solidarity with their cause as well.

Knowing that 99.9% of the refugees are Muslims, and fully understanding the fundamentals of Islamic ideology, the writing is clearly etched on the wall, there will be serious Islamic demands made on the host countries that will split the country ajar. Remember this prophecy!

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