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When Will it End?
by ZENSTER on SEPTEMBER 16, 2011
Author’s note: This is the first of a three part essay dealing with Islamic terrorism and what can be expected regarding Islam’s ultimate fate. These articles are written in memoriam of the 9-11 atrocity’s tenth anniversary and are dedicated to the 3,000 innocent Americans who were murdered on that fateful day.

1. When will it end?

Short answer ― It will end when the tipping point is reached.***

This tipping point can be defined as follows:

When living with Muslims becomes more trouble than living without Muslims.

How often have you heard the following?

“Do not touch or move unattended parcels, bags or packages and report them to security.”

Everybody who reads these words has heard a variant of that announcement. It is a now-familiar litany that underscores most modern civilian travel like some sort of off-key drone note in an increasingly odious dirge. All forms of mass transportation involve similar, often intrusive, security measures and, overwhelmingly, one single entity is responsible for their necessity; namely, Islamic terrorism.

When will such public warnings finally be unnecessary? For how long are we supposed to put up with the risk of random terrorist attacks? Will our grandchildren be obliged to beware of abandoned parcels? Will their grandchildren have to do the same? How much longer will the civilized world continue to tolerate this preposterous assault upon its wellbeing and general quality of life? When will it end?

If it was possible to set aside terrorism-related loss of life ― and it most certainly is not ― the financial cost alone of combating it is absurd. Let us examine just one single factor; increased waiting times at airports. An extra hour or three doesn’t seem like much until you start doing the math.

Some 1.5 million passengers per day originate from American airports. Domestic flights have a one hour minimum wait time and international travel requires an early check in of at least three hours. We will split the difference and use an average of two hours wait. Even though a majority of domestic flights are not international, please rest assured that this slightly top-heavy coefficient will barely compensate for many other downstream factors.

Two hours of wait time multiplied by 1.5 million passengers equals 3 million working hours lost due to increased airport waiting periods. Airport WiFi services do not begin to counteract these losses in productivity because of how fax machines and other appurtenances of regular business life are usually inaccessible near the tarmac. That represents 3 million hours of lost productivity each and every day just in America alone.

The USA per capita annual income is approximately $40,000, which equals a little over $20.00 per hour. With 3 million working hours lost per day at $20.00 per hour, we are now looking at $60 million per day in effective lost wages. The actual cost is probably much higher due to how frequent airline travelers most likely earn a lot more than the national average.

With 365 days in a year, that $60 million per day equates to almost $22 billion in lost annual productivity. Then, calculate the extra costs associated with repackaging or purchasing costly miniature lotions, shampoos and shaving creams to meet low-weight security requirements. Add in the extra expense of purchasing overpriced airport food and beverages because many comestibles cannot be brought through security. These are but two very small examples of ancillary costs related to Islamic terrorism.

Now, multiply that $22 billion figure by the number of nations in this world. There are nearly 200 of them and almost every single one is obliged to employ some measure of air transportation security. While most do not approach America’s size, degree of air travel or implementation, that $22 billion number easily rockets past $1 trillion per year in extra layers of security devoted almost exclusively towards thwarting Islamic terrorist attacks.

In a sense, it is as if Islam has found a cunning way of forestalling its own dismantling at the hands of increasingly vexed Western powers. Those one trillion dollars in annual airline security-related waiting times could finance the overturning of yet one more Muslim majority nation per year. Recall, how this is just the global expense of increased airport waiting times that is being discussed.

For a quick glimpse into a related cost increase in flying, merely examine the so-called “September 11th Security Fee” of $2.50 USD per enplanement. At 1.5 million passenger flights per day in America, that is at least $3.75 million per day, totaling some $1.4 billion per year. There is already discussion underway to double that security fee to $5.00 per enplanement. Once again, this figure needs to be expanded to encompass nearly 200 nations around the world who also use similar fee structures to pay for their airline security apparatus. These collective fees probably hover somewhere in the half to one trillion dollar region.

The overall cost burden of Muslims upon Western social benefit structures, law enforcement apparatus and ― via incessant and frequently frivolous Islamic “lawfare” ― its judicial system, is orders of magnitude higher; as will be shown in the subsequent parts of this article. Taken together, these otherwise unnecessary monetary outlays could finance punitive military campaigns against Islam or, as a less bellicose alternative, sponsor all of the needed scientific research into alternative fuels that could render MME (Muslim Middle East), control of oil production moot and unprofitable.

Over and over again, Western travelers are obliged to accommodate or endure increasingly draconian security measures that do almost nothing regarding the actual defeat of Islamic terrorism. Absolutely none of this even begins to account for the increased absence of parents from the home ― due to these expanded scheduling requirements ― or the lack of quality time with family and higher divorce rates, juvenile delinquency plus overall marital deterioration that accompanies the otherwise unnecessary extension of such separations.

Those preceding societal factors are just the iceberg’s tip with respect to how intrusive and parasitic Islam’s presence continues to be within Western civilization. The actual sum total costs are astronomically higher and they do not even account for numerous other expenses related to aspects of America’s stunningly flaccid military response to Islamic terrorism.

Not even the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq ― both of which were directed at proven sources of international terrorism ― can be counted as truly effective responses to Islam’s assault upon the West. These so-called “liberations” have gone on to see each country cheerfully adopt shari’a-based constitutions which guarantee they will once again revert to being terrorist manufactories the instant that Western troops depart.

So, when will it end? After explaining much of this same logic to an unnamed TSA security agent and posing the same final question, she retorted:

“When they want it to end.”

This insouciant yet incisive reply brings to mind the words of author and counterjihad expert, Serge Trifkovic:

The elite class, rootless, arrogant, cynically manipulative, has every intention of continuing to “fight” the war on terrorism without naming the enemy, without revealing his beliefs, without unmasking his intentions, without offending his accomplices, without expelling his fifth columnists, and without ever daring to win.***

It is up to the millions of normal Europeans and their American cousins to stop the madness. The traitor class wants them to share its death wish, to self-annihilate as people with a historical memory and a cultural identity, and to make room for the post-human, monistic Utopia spearheaded by the jihadist fifth column.

This crime can and must be stopped. The founders of the United States overthrew the colonial government for offenses far lighter than those of which the traitor class is guilty.

Islamic terrorism will end. It is both unsustainable and an intolerable burden upon the civilized world. Ending it is a matter of obtaining sufficient political willpower and an educated electorate that will no longer put up with ineffectual Politically Correct politicians who continue to ignore, obfuscate or simply deny the need to eliminate such a monstrous drag on global progress.***

The trillions of dollars annually that are currently being diverted towards combating Islamic terrorism could be better spent curing HIV/AIDS, fighting illiteracy, ending famine and responding to natural disasters. Instead, this vast sum disappears into the gaping maw of a big-government security apparatus whose effectiveness in countering this hostile threat is marginal at best and hideously expensive regardless of outcome. The tipping point is approaching swiftly and that answers the question of; “When will it end?”

Part two, “Why Will it End?” follows.

Part II: “Why Will it End?”

Part III: “How Will it End”

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Author’s note: This is the second of a three part essay dealing with Islamic terrorism and what can be expected regarding Islam’s ultimate fate. These articles are written in memoriam of the 9-11 atrocity’s tenth anniversary and are dedicated to the 3,000 innocent Americans who were murdered on that fateful day.
2. Why will it end?
Short answer ― Islam has “unhappy ending” written all over it.
Tragically, for Islam there is no possibility of a happy ending.*** It has often been said that the only peace which Islam ― famously known as “The Religion of Peace” ― offers anyone is the peace of the grave. Pakistan ― which means “land of the pure” ―provides the best evidence of this in that it is a prototypical Islamic nation intended to mirror the everyday rule of shari’a law. That country’s horrific level of almost daily slaughter and mayhem clearly demonstrates how ― even if Islam were to attain global ascendancy ― the violence and terrorism would never stop.
The Islamic concept of takfir (“impure”), literally assures this in that a more devout Muslim is religiously sanctioned for killing a less pure Muslim. This lack of purity could be interpreted as someone who does not pray all five times a day or consumes food during daylight hours over the course of Ramadan. The possible paths descending into Islamic “impurity” are as numerous as they are varied and it is an ironclad guarantee that Islam will always be torn by internecine violence.
Exacerbating this situation is the West’s collective inability to discern Islam in general and why there is so little hope for it. It echoes the ancient parable about a group of blind men describing an elephant.
The blind man who feels a leg says the elephant is like a tree trunk; the one who feels the tail says the elephant is like a rope; the one who feels the trunk says the elephant is like a snake; the one who feels the ear says the elephant is like a flag; the one who feels the belly says the elephant is like a wall; and the one who feels the tusk says the elephant is like a spear.
Much to the glee of Muslims everywhere, most Westerners are still a lot like those blind men and the pachyderm. Islam is so voluminous and just sufficiently varied enough that it seems to defy description. This is especially so for the less informed who can but bear shocked witness to the endless discord and bloodshed that pervades the Islamic world. Only after gaining an understanding of Islam’s core doctrines does one obtain adequate perspective such that the elephant finally begins to emerge. The 9-11 atrocity was Western civilization’s first dawning awareness that the Islamic elephant is like a spear.
Islam is all of the above elephantine descriptions. It is a veritable tree trunk of a totalitarian creed whose roots extend over a millennium deep into recorded history. It is also a rope by which unsuspecting cultures have hung themselves many times over were they so foolish or unsuspecting as to disregard Islam’s historic threat. Like the asp which Cleopatra drew to her breast, Islam has routinely slithered away from history’s spotlight as the cause of ruined civilizations, genocides, mass enslavements and untold human suffering which transcend anything Europe or America ever aspired to in their wildest dreams.
Islam also manifests as a flag around which this world’s criminal elements continue to rally under a banner of religiously sanctioned murder, rape, pedophilia, looting and thieving which, terrorism aside ― as if that was even possible ― fills police blotters and drains global coffers with an almost enviable consistency unmatched by all but the most accomplished career politicians. Like any wall, Islam continually and everywhere builds enclaves which exclude unbelievers within their own domains and barricades Muslims from influences both external and even the threat of internal “westernization” that just as often sees young Muslim women murdered by their own families in so-called “honor killings”.
Last but, most certainly, not least is the way that Islam is like a spear. Islamic hijra has thrust Muslims deep within Western civilization only to see them infect every last institution with their steady subversion of Constitutional rights and basic liberties. Hackneyed cries of “racism” and “Islamophobia” ― as if a fear of Islam could ever be irrational ― are trotted out in response to every legitimate criticism of Islam; even as Muslims set about stifling free speech and freedom of expression around the world. At this spear’s sharp end are the over over 17,000 deadly terrorist attacks that have happened since the 9-11 atrocity.
Compounding all of this havoc are the Islamic “principles” of kitman and taqiyya. They amount to religiously sanctioned deceit and outright lying. As if this were not bad enough, the situation is further exacerbated by Mainstream Media’s adamant refusal to provide accurate and unbiased reporting about Islam’s seditious goal of toppling Constitutional democracies throughout the West.
Islam remains a predatory entity that has not been able to establish any self-sustaining degree of industry or technology for almost a millennium. It has relied upon piracy and looting for nearly the entire span of its existence. Even now the MME (Muslim Middle East) is heavily reliant upon foreign engineering and industrial facilities management in order to further develop and maintain its petroleum extraction operations. If the MME did not have access to this Western technology and was obliged to invent it from scratch, all of their oil would still be in the ground, even today.
One immense irony is that ― despite Islam’s aspirations for a global caliphate ― it is unhealthy for too many unbelievers to be converted into Muslims. Once this happens, the jizya (“poll tax”) can no longer be collected, nor can possessions, businesses or estates be confiscated so readily. There have already occurred phases in Islamic history where further conversion of natives living in occupied lands was discouraged as it interfered with the appropriation of wealth that is central to financing more jihad. It is also vital to remember that any refusal to pay the jizya is punishable by immediate death.
Conversely, there is a twin principal to jizya known as hijra which derives from the Arabic word for “migration” or “flight”. In this case, it is a that strategy involves flooding Muslim immigrants into those Western nations which cannot be overcome militarily.***Displaying a regular pattern of behavior, these new arrivals ― in strict accord with Islamic law ― refuse to assimilate or integrate and form exclusively Muslim enclaves while gradually instituting shari’a law whenever possible.
This form of demographic warfare is commonly known as “stealth” or “soft” jihad and it is the strategy of choice for many within Islam who seek to conquer the West.*** In fact, there are Muslims who condemn the late Osama bin Laden for having prematurely tipped Islam’s hand with the 9-11 atrocity along with other subsequent terrorist attacks in Bali, Madrid, Beslan and London; preferring, instead, the gradual overthrow of indigenous cultures through demographic displacement.
This is nothing other than a process of colonization and it is reflected in how non-Muslims are routinely driven out of these enclaves through threats of violence, boycotts and extortion. Furthermore, when a sufficient population density is attained, even visiting non-Muslims are subjected to physical assault and threats of violence should they stray into one of these “no-go zones”. Due to Islamic polygamy, such population densities arrive far sooner than typical demographics for the host nations involved.
Once established, there begins a process of draining financial support from local or central government. This is in addition to criminal predation upon surrounding neighborhoods in the form of robbery, theft and extortion. Due to purdah ― the confinement and isolation of Muslim women ― typically there is a surge in the pimping, sexual assault and rape of non-Muslim women in areas around these enclaves. Minors are especially vulnerable to this because of how Islam regards Mohammad’s marriage to his six year-old child bride, Aisha, as a model of perfect conduct. Central to any understanding of Islam is that this entire process is one of obtaining tribute (jizya) from unbelievers.
This tribute is regarded as being their automatic due in that Muslims consider themselves to be the world’s Master Race. A proper understanding of Islam cannot be had without recognizing this one central point. Augmenting this process of encroachment are other criminal activities such a drug dealing and establishing businesses with the strict aim of underreporting income to evade taxes. All of these activities result in a disproportionate consumption of taxpayer monies even while shirking anything remotely approaching their own fair share of contribution to the tax base. Again, this overconsumption of taxpayer monies is regarded as a form of extracting tribute and nothing else.
To illustrate just how corrosive this process of hijra is, we shall examine the huge influx of “refugees” arriving at Italy’s tiny island of Lampedusa. To date, more than 50,000 have landed, the vast majority of them being Muslims of North and Central African origin. A little “cocktail napkin” math will quickly demonstrate the impact of these “immigrants” and their colonization of Europe.
Without including the cost of erecting or furnishing shelters for these 50,000 individuals, just the processing cost per person easily approaches €1,000. This processing cost, multiplied by 50,000 suddenly gyrates into €50 million. Remember, no food costs, utilities, security or health care expenses are factored into maintenance of the refugee centers. This is just the paperwork costs, including the salaries of those bureaucrats who process these “refugees”.
Once released into the Schengen Agreement countries of Europe, these individuals are free to apply for social benefits, subsidized housing and also to receive medical treatment. In some countries such subsidies easily approach €30,000 per year. If 50,000 “immigrants” receive just €30,000 per year in combined benefits that sum represents €1.5 billion in social service outlays annually.*** This disregards the fact that such newcomers are often chronically unemployable and ― as is too often the case with Muslims ― voluntarily illiterate, refusing to even learn the host country’s language so as to reduce any chance of assimilation or integration.
None of this addresses the gigantic outlays related to apprehending, prosecuting and incarcerating the criminal elements amongst these “refugees”. Throughout Europe, Muslims are disproportionately represented in rape, violent crime and imprisonment statistics. The expense of this criminality reaches into extra billions of Euros per year and does not cover property damage, victim rehabilitation and other ancillary expenses.*** Nor does this speak to the same criminal practices and consequences resulting from ostensibly legal immigration into Europe by tens of millions of Muslims over the past few decades.
Another relatively hidden yet devastating factor lies in how Muslims remain the world’s largest group that practices consanguineous marriage, typically to first cousins. Studies in Great Britain reveal that Pakistani immigrants ― some of the most dedicated practitioners of consanguineous marriage ― are up to thirteen times more likely than the general population to have children with recessive disorders. Due to this preference in marriage practices, Muslims experience some of the highest birth defect rates in the entire world.
Try to imagine the disproportionate drain on taxpayer funded hospitals and outpatient services that these deformed, retarded and immunologically compromised children pose to Western societies. Again, this is merely one more way of extracting tribute from an already financially hemorrhaging West. Far more sinister are studies that indicate how these retarded children often are prime candidates to be used in carrying out bomb vest attacks in MME countries. How soon before that tactic is adopted here?
All of this represents an unparalleled Islamic encroachment upon Western civilization unknown since the Moorish occupation of pre-colonial era Spain. This invasion by Islam will continue unabated until the West manifests sufficient political will to reject how Muslims march under false religious colors.*** Long ago, Europe threw off the shackles of emerging Christian theocracy. How then, is it that Islam’s own brand of hideously blatant theocracy cannot be named for what it most clearly is?
If there is no separation of church and state, it’s not a religion, it’s a state.
Theocracy of any stripe is the penultimate enemy of human liberty and freedom. Among all forms of governance it has the absolute worst historic track record and is unrivaled for its death tolls. Why so few are willing to rip the mask from Islam’s putative status as a religion and label it as the tyrannous political ideology that it obviously is remains one of the most puzzling questions in recent years.***
Equally astonishing is the almost total lack of acrimony being show towards Islam despite innumerable terrorist atrocities and its near total violation of human rights as we know them. Mainstream Media’s own conspiracy of silence regarding this constant affront to civilization allows Islam to punch well above its weight and duck the sound drubbing that it so richly deserves. The neglect of this much needed retaliation bodes ill for, not just the West, but Islam as well.***
The longer that this farce is allowed to play out, the higher that the stakes become. No better example of this exists than the imminent acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran. Should this be allowed to happen, it will go down in history as the single greatest strategic military blunder of this new century. Regardless of its Shi’ite swaddling, Iran is the modern face of political Islam replete with sponsorship of international terrorism, genocidal doctrine, abject gender apartheid and the destruction of jahiliyya (pre-Islamic) antiquities. Iran embodies Islamic theocracy writ large and is a pluperfect example of what to expect from any nation that thoroughly embraces political Islam.***
Furthermore, there is no possible way for Islam to accept the West’s primacy of manmade law. It flies in the face of shari’a which has been handed down by Allah and cannot be countermanded. More so, any such acceptance of democracy would diminish the dominance and validity of shari’a law, something which has always been punishable by death.*** Furthermore, the prosperity of Western civilization represents a direct threat to Islam. Difficult as it is to imagine, the benisons of modern industrialization are regarded by some within Islam as being toxic to jihad and Islam’s aspirations of establishing a global caliphate.
There are even Muslim religionists who declare that prosperity is bad for Islam. Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda both viewed the comfort and stability of Western-induced prosperity as a potent distraction that could make Muslims stray from the path of jihad.
What [deceased second in al Qaeda command] Al-Ayyeri sees now is a “clean battlefield” in which Islam faces a new form of unbelief. This, he labels “secularist democracy.” This threat is “far more dangerous to Islam” than all its predecessors combined.*** The reasons, he explains in a whole chapter, must be sought in democracy’s “seductive capacities.” This form of “unbelief” persuades the people that they are in charge of their destiny and that, using their collective reasoning, they can shape policies and pass laws as they see fit. That leads them into ignoring the “unalterable laws” promulgated by God for the whole of mankind, and codified in the Islamic shariah (jurisprudence) until the end of time.
The goal of democracy, according to Al-Ayyeri, is to “make Muslims love this world, forget the next world and abandon jihad . “If established in any Muslim country for a reasonably long time, democracy could lead to economic prosperity, which, in turn, would make Muslims “reluctant to die in martyrdom” in defense of their faith.[emphasis added]
This is one of the few reasonable explanations for why Muslim majority nations continue to be among the most undeveloped and technologically backward lands on earth. Poverty and deprivation are used as levers to drive jihad. Envy and jealousy are converted into hatred in order to blame the West for Islam’s manifold shortcomings.*** If further proof is needed, a cursory glance at Israel tells the entire story. It, too, was once arid and under-populated but in just a handful of decades has become an agricultural paradise, technological powerhouse and bastion of functional democracy amid a sea of Arab tyrannies.
As Winston Churchill noted about Islam, “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.” This is why it is foredoomed to failure. Islam’s obsession with, and glorification of, death is just one signifier among many that herald its eventual demise. The harsh penalties and frequent resort to amputation or capital punishment all serve to belie Islam as “the religion of peace”. The vast majority of genocides, conflicts and outright wars being fought today are because of Islam and MME borders that literally drip with blood. Also few, if any, Muslim majority nations are not on record as severe violators of human rights.
The reputation of Muslims as predatory criminals and intensely parasitic occupiers all combines into a damning indictment of Islam. Its presence on earth only promises increased conflict, more atrocities, new genocides and unwarranted diversions of wealth that could better serve far more deserving causes. Finally, Islam is assembling too many enemies too fast to where they cannot be expected to keep pursuing their own petty quarrels instead of addressing the overarching threat of jihad. The complete and total inability of Islam to coexist with any legitimate faith or other culture presages a day when its numerous victims will band together in pursuit of an ultimate victory. That is why it will end.***

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3. How will it end?
Short answer ― The Muslim holocaust.
There is a proverb whose thread is found both in Aesop and the Bible. It reads:
“The clay pot should keep its distance from the iron kettle.”
Instead of keeping its distance, Islam has cozened its way into Western civilization and, parading under false colors as an alleged religion, it flies a counterfeit Liberal standard of interfaith Multiculturalism. Besotted with its own temporary successes and newfound “purity” ― through a recent reformation leaving it even more violent, intolerant, misogynistic and puritanical ― Islam is in the process of infiltrating Western civilization to an unprecedented degree. However, in this respect, it is the non-industrial Islamic clay pot that is getting too close to the militarily advanced Western iron kettle.***
A Talmudic variation of this fable provides a different perspective: “If a pot falls upon a stone, woe to the pot; if a stone falls upon a pot, woe to the pot; either way, woe to the pot” (Esther Rabbah, 7:10). For Islam’s clay pot, violence is the stone. As Islam continues to embrace terrorism it is eagerly drawn to that stone with a dangerous degree of impetus. In its love of death and martyrdom, Islam puts the stone in precipitous motion, which just as often falls upon the heads of Muslims themselves.
In either case ― much as with so-called Islamic martyrdom ― Islam imprudently brings itself into proximity with danger and eventually this will prove its own undoing. Suffused with delusions of adequacy, Muslims think nothing of constantly antagonizing Western powers who long ago perfected industrialized warfare to an extent that Islam can only dream of, despite its supremacist fantasies.***
Like a candle that sputters and flares, Islam casts outsized shadows which too many in the West mistake for genuine military potency. The exact opposite is true and it is only by using the asymmetrical warfare of terrorism that Islam holds any sway. It is a schoolyard bully writ large and every bit as cowardly. The brittleness of Islamic doctrine is too often confused with strength and its fanaticism taken for authority.***
In a recent Berlin speech, Swiss Member of Parliament, Oskar Freysinger, noted that, “Islam is only as strong as we are weak.” One glimpse of how Islam remains almost entirely reliant upon Political Correctness to drive its Western agenda reveals that this parasitic entity’s success wholly depends upon the frailty of a civilization debilitated by Multiculturalism and self-doubt.*** This is underscored both by the physical compulsion and violence that lies beneath so much of Islamic doctrine and the fact that no nation in history has ever voluntarily adopted Islam without an application of force being involved.
Politician Barrack Obama epitomizes the danger that Liberals pose to Islam. Not only do they appease and cower before Islamic bullying but Liberalism also infantilizes Muslim men through the soft racism of lowered expectations. Thus enabled by such hollow victories, Islam is capable of duping itself into believing its own propaganda; a perilous mistake at the best of times and often fatal in a time of conflict.
Little do Liberals understand how they will be among the first who go to the wall should Islam prevail. Nor, in their haste to disarm the world, do they understand that such military ineptitude on their part will see them left with few responses other than nuclear Armageddon when confronted by WMD terrorist strikes. Through appeasement and facilitation, Liberals are Islam’s most dangerous “friends”.
This same Politically Correct doctrine has seen ineffectual campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq that have cost the multinational coalition on the order of two trillion dollars, with America shouldering a lopsided $1.36 trillion share of the burden. That is the cost of keeping in check just two of some fifty Muslim majority countries.*** Subduing the other four dozen Islamic nations represents at least another staggering $96 trillion dollars of expenditure and countless more military casualties. No single nation or combination of international economies can possibly afford this sort of expenditure.***
This inordinate cost of conventional war needed to obtain even a modicum of peace is, perhaps, the grimmest thing about Islam’s future. As the mask slips and “radical” or “fundamentalist” Islam are revealed to be mainstream and fully compatible with regularly accepted Islamic doctrine, Total War ― something Muslims continue to boast of declaring against the West ― looms evermore probable.*** However, the economic factors alone point directly away from conventional war.
Truth be told, in the absence of that $96 trillion dollars, there is only unconventional warfare left as a survival option. Nuclear weapons represent the sole existing and cost-effective way of managing hostilities with some 1.6 billion people.*** Like a proverbial trout in the milk pail, this one simple fact is difficult to ignore. Basic economics dooms perpetually hostile Islam to utter annihilation.***
Any expectation of Islam pacifying, moderating or reforming itself must be dismissed out of hand. Islam has already undergone a recent reformation from which it emerged as an even more intolerant, more violent, more puritanical and more misogynistic creed.*** Those Muslims who do seek any pacification or sincere moderation of Islam’s violent doctrine are usually put to death by more devout believers.
Lending some much needed perspective to this nettlesome debacle is a quick estimate of the death toll that reasonably could be expected if Islam somehow managed to take over the world. Here are several, admittedly, rough estimates of what to anticipate from the establishment of a global caliphate.
1.) Extermination of all Jews:
Some 13.5 million people, world-wide would most likely die at the hands of their Muslim oppressors.
2.) Execution of all homosexuals:
We will use what some call a “wildly exaggerated figure” for the sake of including the bisexual and transgender community plus other sexual deviants who would all be put to death under shari’a. Therefore, some 10% of the world’s population or 600 million people would fall into this category.
The remaining factors that follow are much more difficult to quantify.
3.) Armed resistance to Muslim encroachment:
It’s safe to say that nearly everyone in the counterjihad movement would perish fighting a Muslim attempt to overrun America or Europe. Worldwide, the numbers would most likely exceed that of the Jews. We’ll place it at a meager 100 million.
4.) Women denied access to medical care:
This is a huge number because, under Islamic law, women would only be able to be seen by female doctors—an exceedingly small fraction of this world’s medical practitioners. We’ll use the figure for global female cancer mortality rates as an example of how reduced early intervention would escalate avoidable deaths, especially among women. That figure amounts to more than 3 million per year.
5.) Liquidation of political prisoners:
Toss in another 10 million dead. Remember, Islam has many enemies, be they perceived or real.
6.) Execution of those who refuse to convert:
We shall use the world’s population of Catholics as a figure representing those who would adamantly refuse to convert or cooperate and be put to death instead. While the number would likely be much higher, this figure approaches over 1 billion.
We now have a total of 1.726 billion people who would die within the first year or so of Islam establishing its global caliphate.*** This figure is larger than the world’s Muslim population. Millions more would die each year due to Islam’s heavy-handed shari’a law and its excessive demand for capital punishment. Women would keep dying in droves due to the unavailability of female doctors. Emerging homosexuals would be killed as with many other deviants; be they political, religious or otherwise.
Concealed in all this is a small yet meaningful number of so-called “honor killings” that typically involve young Muslim girls or wives who ― through premarital sexual activity or inappropriate dalliances ― have disgraced their families and are put to death for it, typically by their own family members. In a global caliphate, over one million of these murders per year would not be an unexpected figure. Do not think for one moment that Western women would magically be immune from this stricture. Imams and Islamic mutaween (“morals police”) would cheerfully put to death any youthful or adult offenders regardless of their race or belief.
Hidden even deeper in these figures is a calculation which will probably fail to evoke much sympathy amongst knowledgeable Westerners; yet, humanity demands that it be recognized. Should the global Islamic caliphate arrive, there also would be countless more Muslim deaths, just as there are today throughout the MME (Muslim Middle East); except for now these executions would proceed briskly, unfettered by any condemnation from the world community that they, at least marginally, receive today. Rape victims being given lashes or stoned to death and other appalling injustices would flourish.
However crude the above projections are, they do not even account for a world suddenly stripped of many modern technologies considered haram (“forbidden”) by Islam. A sharp drop in agricultural productivity, reduction in medical services ― as noted above ― along with the elimination of food supplies derived from haram animals, such as pigs (including rennet, gelatin, whey and alcohol), would see mass starvations and medically preventable deaths soar upwards. These are just a bare few examples of the unknown death toll that would accompany an Islamic caliphate. Unimaginable as it may seem, imposition of global shari’a could result in the death of up to half this world’s population.
None of this deals with the tremendous loss of Western and world heritage in the form of buildings, monuments, paintings, sculptures, books and priceless documents that would be heaped upon bonfires or pulverized into rubble. The Magna Carta, America’s Constitution plus innumerable other ephemera would go up in smoke. Notre Dame’s fabulous Rose Window would follow the Bamiyan Buddhas into oblivion. They would be just the start of unparalleled and inconceivable vandalism on a global scale.
Rarely, if ever ― even among counterjihad fora ― is there any mention of either the massive death toll or the loss of heritage that would accompany global shari’a law. There remains, especially in the larger public, an almost intentional ignorance of these two devastating potentials. Eventually, in the face of so much stark evidence, it becomes difficult to deny that there exists the will not to believe.
This will not to believe carries its own loathsome price tag. Recent events in Norway show that long before Muslims manage to demographically displace native Europeans there will begin a serious backlash against the Multiculturalists who have imposed this lethal burden upon the West. It is rather doubtful that American and European culture will go quietly into the Politically Correct Islamic night.
Ironically, as Muslims continue to financially drain the West ― through exorbitant military campaigns, increased security measures, petroleum sales and abuse of social benefits in host countries ― they only increase the eventual appeal of cost effective measures that will be required to subdue Islam.*** There will also come a time when Western nations begin to recoil at the prospect of sending any more soldiers to die for the sake of letting Muslims erect yet another shari’a government and terrorist production facility.
Complicating all of this is how the concept of military deterrence is essentially nonfunctional as regards Islam. A culture that glorifies and worships death is more than difficult to deter. For every bit that the West shrinks from waging Total War, the necessity of posing an existential threat to Islam only increases. When it comes to the ineffectuality of deterrence, no better example exists that of modern day Iran. The ramifications of Ahmadinejad’s tutelage under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini pose some serious issues. Recall Khomeini’s words during his 1980 speech in Qom, the Shi’ite spiritual hub:
We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let this land [Iran] go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.
When Ahmadinejad threatens to “wipe Israel off the map” it is with the implicit knowledge that Iran, as a country, may perish as a result. In effect, he is turning his entire nation into a gigantic suicide bomber. Neither is this the end of it. Iran’s reckless pursuit of genocide against the Jews could precipitate the Muslim holocaust all by itself. Little known to most people is Israel’s Samson Option. If true, the Jewish state has quietly informed its Arab neighbors that a single WMD strike against Israel will result in the entire MME (Muslim Middle East) being incinerated in nuclear plasma. Hundreds of fusion warheads along with newly acquired Dolphin class submarines and cruise missiles back this up.
There is cold comfort in this for Israel but it also has quite worrisome implications for the West. At a recent pan-Arab conference Saudi Arabia’s king essentially told Ahmadinejad to “sit down and shut up” with his genocidal ravings before the entire MME is annihilated. Should he take this admonishment to heart, then the question is beggared as to who else might be targeted for an Iranian nuclear strike.
It bears mentioning how simple statistics indicate that, beyond a certain as yet undetermined number of Islamic nuclear warheads, there emerges a non-zero probability that one or more of them will fall into terrorist hands. Keeping that in mind, America ― better known to Iranians as “The Great Satan” ― suddenly materializes as a grim alternative target to Israel. What’s more, the Obama administration’s abject appeasement of Islam can only have strengthened Muslim perceptions that the United States lacks sufficient political will to respond in kind should it experience a nuclear terrorist attack.***
As noted earlier, Obama and most of his cabinet have little to no military experience. With their being so unlettered in war fighting doctrine, could it not be possible that these appeasers might abruptly discover ― after repeated military budget cuts ― that massive nuclear retaliation was their sole playing card? Again, pro-disarmament Liberals rate as the most dangerous kind of “friends” that Islam could have.
Repulsive in the extreme is how truly avoidable this looming Muslim holocaust really is. A far less costly program of “wetwork” style targeted assassinations directed at the top echelons of Islam’s clerical, political, scholastic and financial aristocracy could see global jihad quickly screech to a grinding halt. Information hoarding is a way of life in the MME and even more so with terrorist leaders. Break enough strands in their networks and they will no longer function. A useful side effect of such a program would be to create numerous power vacuums that would draw violent contenders like moths to a candle’s flame. Subsequent infighting might even match the original fallout with equally fruitful results.
As noted in Part II of this essay, Islam has “unhappy ending” written all over it. Belmont Club’s Richard Fernandez (Wretchard), was one of the first to note this in his 2003 magnum opus, “The Three Conjectures”:
The most startling result of this analysis is that a catastrophic outcome for Islam is guaranteed whether America retaliates or not. Even if the President decided to let all Americans die to expiate their historical guilt, why would Islamic terrorists stop after that? They would move on to Europe and Asia until finally China, Russia, Japan, India or Israel, none of them squeamish, wrote -1 x 10^9 in the final right hand column. They too would be prisoners of the same dynamic, and they too have weapons of mass destruction.
It is more than safe to say that an industrially and militarily unlettered Islam is not going to take over the world using such a feeble tool as terrorism. As was also noted in Part II, Islam is assembling too many enemies too fast and that pace far outstrips any ability of theirs to perfect the mass production of intricate nuclear weapons nor muster fighting forces of even marginal proficiency. Chronic overreach is a hallmark of Islam and its habit of poking at the Western nuclear dragon with its terrorist pointed wooden stick bodes especially unwell for Muslims everywhere.
Fernandez goes on to observe:
Long before 3,000 New Yorkers died on September 11, Iraq and Iran killed 500,000 Muslims between them. The greatest threat to Muslims is radical Islam; and the greatest threat of all is a radical Islam armed with weapons of mass destruction.***
Remember that for eight long years, Iran and Iraq fought to a bloody stalemate using chemical weapons and even ten year-old boys as human minesweepers. Less conservative estimates cite up to a million Muslim fatalities with both nations sending the flower of their youth into an insatiable meat grinder. Now, consider how America rolled up Iraq’s sidewalks in two weeks. This is the “reality gap” confronting Islam and its delusory vision of world domination. No such thing will ever happen.
Given that the global caliphate is forever out of reach, whither Islam? What of its obsessive quest for global supremacy? Handily, Israel provides us with a micro synopsis of the macro global problem. Imagine a tiny nation like Costa Rica routinely beating America’s military posterior like a cheap dime store drum. That is the equivalent of Israel defeating the combined military might of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Please remember that, in Arab culture, humiliation is worse than death. Abandoning conventional warfare in favor of terrorism, the Arab nations intentionally selected a strategy of low-intensity conflict whose upper limit would not trigger direct intervention by the global community.
Thus was tiny Israel left alone to defend itself against continuous terrorist attacks the like of which no other nation on earth save, perhaps, India has had to endure. What of the much vaunted peace negotiations; the Oslo “Road Map” and so forth? What about the “land for peace” concessions that Israel has so often made in the pursuit of a negotiated settlement?
Few people understand that any sort of “negotiated peace” with Israel would serve to unravel the entire Islamic Arab consciousness. Reaching even the least sort of peace agreement would be a frank admission that jihad had failed. Furthermore, any recognition of a Jewish state would contravene the genocidal doctrine that is a cornerstone of Islam. Acceptance of Israel’s continued existence contradicts Islamic canon on so many levels that any such thing is unimaginable.
Piled on top of this is Israel’s continuous string of military victories against often overwhelming Arab forces. How then to explain that away without an indisputable annihilation of Israel tucked under their Islamic belt? Deprived of any concrete proof that Islam actually can prevail against the eternally hated Jew, please do not begin to imagine that there will be any near term cessation of hostilities, if ever.
Thus we are presented with the micro model of global terrorism. Withdrawal, surrender, in fact, peace of any sort with Islam is simply out of the question. In reality, Islam offers nothing that remotely resembles an actual “peace treaty”.*** Instead, there is only hudna, a temporarily cessation of hostilities that is specifically designed to permit Muslims the rearming needed to then break that “truce” at their convenience. Whither Israel … whither the global community where Islam is concerned.
So long as the West does not pose an existential threat to Islam’s continued presence on earth, there will be no accommodation of any sort. This is the bottom line. That degree of political will is sorely lacking in the West and, even if it existed, there is little likelihood that anyone involved would appreciate how any such pact with the unbelievers would be broken at the first instant of advantage for Islam.***
Islam has always demanded to be paid in its own bloody coin. Violence is the only tender it recognizes and all other currency is scorned as a coward’s coinage. Hudna, taqiyya and kitman all assure that there is no hope of an honorably negotiated peace. Islam wants no such thing. Global domination is its imperative and any re-scripting of those priorities is simply out of the question.***
Hardest of all to remember is that this has been Islam’s central doctrine from the very beginning of its existence. The West’s opposition or threat to Muslims has no bearing on why Islam wages its barbarous terrorism against us. The hammer of violence remains Islam’s only tool and we are all nails in its sight. Islam has already determined how it will end. It is merely a matter of survival for the West and to let Islam’s chips fall where they may. Muslims will forever be cannon fodder for Islam’s eternal jihad. Until they realize this and rebel for once and all time against their warlord masters nothing will ever change.***
Remember … as always; Islam wouldn’t have it any other way.

– See more at: http://1389blog.com/2011/09/16/how-will-it-end/#sthash.16Spnrpy.dpuf



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