Is Islam a religion in the same sense as Christianity or Buddism or Hinduism, or Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, Catholicism or Judism? Absolutely not! Islam is an agressive, warring, political ideology. Pat Robertson is “politically incorrect”, but correct nonetheless when he declares Islam to be an ideology more than just a religion. Even ex-Muslims declare Islam is not a religion. It is odd that those who suggest Islam is an all-encompassing “ideology” rather than just a “relgion” are often accused of being bigots or Islamophobes. Those accusers are either grossly ignorant of Islam or are purposely being deceptive.

Read more about why Islam should NOT be protected as a “religion” under the US Constitution HERE.

***Islam is an all encompassing ideology that has its own legal, moral, social, military, financial as well as religions codes. (See “Sharia law”). As one Islamic website describes: “Islam is a complete way of life. It impacts every part of life, from eating and sleeping to working and playing. It is not only a personal religion, but also a social one” – putting it mildly.

This distinction between Islam and all other religions is described clearly in this commentary.

***In its purest fundamental form, it is a fascist, top down political system. Granted, not all Muslims practice Islam so completely, especially in non-Muslim countries. (See “moderate” Muslim.) Their practice becomes more complete and all-encompassing the greater the number concentrated in a particular area. They are emboldened by their numbers to practice purer forms of their all-encompassing ideology. They enlarge their numbers through varying degrees of influence, coercion, or violent terrorism, depending on the nation they are in. In the US, Muslims most often work to “influence”, or in Christian terms, “evangelize”. In political terms, they are lobbyists for their cause. In commercial terms, they are promoters of their cause. Of course, there is the occasional “sudden Jihadi syndrome” that erupts in violent acts such as at Fort Hood. Or intricately planned attacks such as 9-11. In countries with greater concentrations of Muslims, they are more agressive, practicing more overt forms of coercion often through fairly frequent acts of terror. And in Islamic nations that are threatened with western intervention, terror acts are daily occurrances.

What is the rationale for proclaiming Islam an “ideology” rather than merely a protected “religion?” It is this. If Christian churches throughout this land trained their flocks in political action, advocated a foreign, fascist political system, preached hatred toward other religions, and sent funds to foreign movements to support anti-American activities, they would most certainly lose their tax exempt status. They would no longer be classified as “houses of worship” but would be classified as houses of political action – actually sedititious political action. That is exactly what is being taught and promoted in Islamic mosques and “training centers” throughout this country. CAIR is being exposed for their seditious actions. If we can refrain from being politically correct long enough to act on what is going on in Islamic centers and Mosques, ***Islam will be correctly classified what it is – a fascist political movement more than a “religion.” See examples here, here, here, and here.

Are there any conditions under which a self-declared “religion” could or should lose its protected status as a “religion” in the United States and be outlawed? In reality, the trend is in the opposite direction, toward suppressing the freedom of speech to express not only opinions, but facts, about a religion. Read more about pending “hate speech” legislation here.

See other differences between Islam and Christianity here. [1]

(609 w)

Why Islam is NOT Protected Under the US Constitution!

Contrary to conventional stupidity, Islam is NOT protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Is there anyone in the three branches of government that can interpret our most sacred document (the Declaration of Independence not withstanding) correctly?

Like in Christendom where the exegesis and hermeneutics of certain scriptures are often skewed to conform to a particular ideology, agenda or belief system, so too has the clear and concise language of the Constitution and the 27 Amendments progressively undergone exegetical attacks over the decades—depending on which party is in power—to conform to a particular political philosophy.
But this is one hermeneutical battle America can ill afford to lose. Our founding principles, i.e. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness hang in the balance. In short—our country’s very survival depends on it.

America faces a grave threat from Islam. Muslims are infiltrating our country in droves and they’re doing it under the guise of “Constitutional Protection.” And like England, if we don’t stand our ground now, it will be too late. Muslims are cunning, crafty and clever. They’re using our ignorance of the understanding of our own Constitution against us, and they are clandestinely and methodically spreading their tentacles in a quiet and unassuming manner.

Federal, state, and local governments on the other hand won’t acknowledge the imminent threat. They incorrectly claim that Muslims have “Constitutional Rights” to come here, proselytize people, build mosques, and implement shariah in their communities and in the public square. They’re dead wrong! And by and large, Islam is getting away with it just like they have in Europe. Only unlike Europe, and in Great Britain in particular, it’s not too late to stem the tide, but we have to act now. Time is not on our side. In fact, this may come as a shock, but there are more mosques being built on American soil than Christian churches. We are already well under way to being Islamized.

To understand Islam is to understand sharia. ***The religion of Islam is nothing short of a totalitarian political, economic, military, social and legal system that’s camouflaged in religious garb. Their mandate (not objective) is to incorporate our country into a global Islamic caliphate.

Sadly, they are making serious inroads towards their tyrannical mandate because America is not resisting. We are all that stands between freedom and a worldwide Islamic caliphate. The United States of America is the world’s last bastion of hope.

Yet, the dreadful message we get from ignorant and incompetent lawmakers is that our Constitution renders us powerless to do anything about it. On the contrary, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence—properly interpreted—actually give our federal, state and local governments justification and authority to stop Islam dead in its tracks!
Here’s How . . .

***Islam is NOT a religion in the sense we understand religion. Islam—which stands for “submission” or “surrender”—is about COMPLETE DOMINANCE. It is a totalitarian form of government that controls every aspect of the lives of its adherents. It’s a barbaric form of life. It masquerades as a monotheistic religion rooted in Old Testament principles, but more appropriately follows the thievery and murderous thuggery of it’s founder, Muhammad, a descendent of Ishmael, who came on the scene 600 years after Christ’s ascension. Only their modern day tactics now include recruiting mentally ill, naive and gullible idiots who become suicide bombers. And Western countries indoctrinated with the lies of multiculturalism and political correctness—to their demise—have reluctantly turned a blind eye. But like Communism, Marxism and Socialism, the Constitution of the United States of America empowers us to defeat it.

Given that fact, we must understand our founding principles that (1) Rights come from God alone, (2) Muslims do not have the right to divest us of our Rights, and (3) the purpose of civil government is to secure the rights God gave us.

What are our rights, and where do they come from? The Constitution? The Bill of Rights? No! The Declaration of Independence says:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. —that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men . . .”
So, where do our rights come from? God. And what are those rights? Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Liberty is the very essence of God’s model for civil government. Inscribed on the Liberty Bell is Leviticus 25:10 – “Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.”

Do Muslims respect the rights God gave us? Of course not! Sharia stands in stark contrast to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Let’s have a look . . .
1. Life: Islam is a culture of death, e.g., murder, honor killings and suicide bombers.
2. Liberty: Islam is a culture where women are slaves and prisoners, children are sex toys for old men, and conversion to another belief system is seen as a capital offense and met with a brutal death.
3. Pursuit of Happiness: Theirs is a culture of torture and sadism. How many times have we already heard of young Muslim girls in America who, after they talked to non-Muslim boys, were shot to death or run over by their father for allegedly bringing shame to their family? Public wife beating is commonplace. Women who don’t cover their hair are beaten on the spot. They’re often gang raped and mutilated and maimed on their faces, even in their own homes, needing multiple witnesses to testify against their male aggressors.
4. Freedom of Speech: Try criticizing Islam in Saudi Arabia—one of our Arab allies. See how swiftly justice is met with your head as the ornament of of an Opec member’s Mercedes.
For every right God gave us—not the Constitution or its Amendments—the Muslims seek to eradicate.

Do Muslims have the “right” to impose shariah in this country which strips us of our God-given rights? No! God did not give Muslims the “right” to take away from us, the rights He gave us!
Lawmakers tell us Muslims have a First Amendment “right” to build mosques, proselytize, and implement shariah here. But is that what the First Amendment says? No!
See for yourself . . .
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
Now consider the verbiage very carefully. A lot of lawmakers and most Americans make the exegetical error that the First Amendment grants us rights. The First Amendment doesn’t grant any rights to anybody. All it does is prohibit Congress from making laws about religion, speech, the press, or assembly.

Therefore, Muslims do not have a First Amendment “right” to build mosques, proselytize, and implement shariah in our country.

Not only do Muslims claim the “right” to impose shariah in the Muslim communities that are rapidly spreading throughout our country, they also claim the “right” to impose shariah law in the public square. They demand shariah compliant financial institutions, foot baths in public places, and that such abominations as wine and pork be banned from their presence. Moreover, they demand that public streets be closed off for “prayers.”

So it begs the question: Do Americans have any Constitutional protection against the invasion of a foreign law being foisted upon us? Absolutely!
Article VI, Clause 2 of our Constitution states . . .
“This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.”
Did you get that? Our Constitution and laws are authorized by the Supreme Law of this Land. And anything to the contrary must fall.

The practice of sharia in the United States, at any level directly violates our Constitution. Muslims who therefore seek to overthrow our Constitution or otherwise usurp or circumvent it are guilty of Criminal Sedition. The federal government has the duty to prosecute them for sedition, or deport them.

The Declaration of Independence says the purpose of civil government is to secure the rights God gave us. Muslims seek to take away our God-given rights. Civil government is supposed to protect us from those who seek to divest us of our rights. Therefore it’s incumbent on every American citizen to insist that our federal, state, and local governments immediately STOP the Islamization of OUR COUNTRY—starting with an immediate cease and desist on the construction of all mosques! The purpose of our civil government is to protect our GOD-given rights.

The Declaration of Independence recognizes God as Creator, Supreme Judge and Regulator of the World—our Divine Protector.

In fact, Article VII of our Constitution recognizes the Lordship of Jesus Christ . . .
“Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Seven . . . “
In Summary:

1. Our rights come from God. They predate and preexist the Constitution. Our Constitution doesn’t give “rights” to anybody. So Muslims don’t have “constitutional rights” to come to our Judeo-Christian established country and build mosques, proselytize, and impose shariah.

2. Muslims take away from people the rights God gave them. Since our Declaration of Independence acknowledges that the purpose of civil governments is to secure the rights God gave us, it is the duty and responsibility of civil governments at all levels to protect us from Islamization.

3. Article VI, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution—the “Supremacy Clause”—is the silver bullet that makes it unconstitutional for Muslims to practice shariah law anywhere in our Country.
Let me be perfectly clear. Islam is not a friend of America. It is our enemy. The very notion of “Chrislam”—a syncretic fusion of Christianity and Islam—being promoted by such notable Christian celebrities as Rick Warren, author of the best selling book, The Purpose Driven Life, is an abomination. It’s anti-American, and antithetical to the Christian principles upon which our great nation was founded. It is imperative that you understand the inherent danger of multiculturalism, and the amalgamation of polarizing religions.

Your state senators and congressmen are completely oblivious to the imminent threat that Islam and sharia pose to the sovereignty of our nation. They are uneducated and weak. It’s imperative you demand they get informed very quickly and embrace the fight to stop the spread of mosques and sharia at the local level. The Center for Security Policy issued a report last year entitled: “Shariah: The Threat to America”. Demand they read it and take immediate action to defend your community from Islamization.

Are you curious to know what life is like when your community has been infiltrated with Muslims, especially after they outnumber the local citizens? Click here to listen to my radio show back on March 21st with Tommy Robinson, the leader of the EDL (English Defense League) in England. Since that time, he was nearly murdered and has had multiple death threats against him, his wife and children for having the guts to speak up.

Europe, in the interest of multiculturalism and political correctness, made a grave error. And now they are hopeless to reverse it, especially in England, without a civil and very bloody religious war. An entire country, even with it’s parliamentary government in tact, is now at the mercy of Muhammad and his warriors of death or submission.

Recently exonerated Dutch Member of Parliament, Geert Wilders, listed ten steps Western countries must take to stop the Islamization of their countries.

ALL ten steps are mandated by our Declaration of Independence, and consistent with our Constitution:

1. Stop cultural relativism: We must formalize the idea that we have one dominant culture that is based on Judaism and Christianity [Wilders adds “humanism”].
2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion.
3. Show the true face of fundamentalist Islam. It is a brutal totalitarian ideology.
4. Stop all immigration from Muslim countries. For Muslims who are already citizens, tell them that if they adhere to our values and our Constitution, they may stay as equals. But if they deviate, we will expel them.
5. Outlaw shariah and deport practitioners.
6. Require Muslims to sign legally binding pledge of integration and allegiance.
7. Stop building mosques.
8. Seek reciprocity with Saudi Arabia for Western churches and synagogues.
9. Close all Islamic schools—they are fascist institutions teaching hate.
10. Remove our current weak leaders.

In closing, we are at war with a very evil and cunning enemy. An enemy that seeks to destroy everything that is good about the United States of America; Everything we value; Everything we cherish, Everything our forefathers and successive generations fought and died for, so that we could receive the torch of freedom and pass it on to our children and grandchildren. This is our moment.It is our time to boldly stand up for our God, our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution our beloved Freedom! Let us exercise our God-given unalienable rights and say “Yes to Freedom!” and “No to Oppression!” We owe it to our children, our grandchildren, and our grandparents.

Until next time . . . Wake Up America!

Kevin A. Lehmann
I invite you to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

A fiercely passionate and independent, libertarian-leaning, constitutional conservative, Kevin is an outspoken opponent of the far left progressive agenda. He rails against big government, the ruse of religion – including Islam and commercial Christianity – and the theological, ideological, and financial war that’s being waged against the United States of America. A self-educated Iconoclastic Christian, Entrepreneur and Patriotic American, Kevin A. Lehmann is the purveyor of and a prolific writer and blogger. Full of passion, wisdom and wit, his transparent and no-nonsense style makes his talk radio show“Catch Kevin: Unscripted & Uncensored!” not only the (go to) show for relevant stories, business insight, and political punditry, but for tackling the tough issues . . . Head On! His high profile guests include politicians, economists, scientists, theologians and business titans. He is also writing his memoir, “Driven: Gambling, Girls, Guts & God.” The first 6 chapters of which are posted on his website. (3009 w)[2]

What is a “Moderate” Muslim

First, there is no such thing as “moderate Islam”. That is a construct of western society – wishful thinking. Such version of Islam is denied by the great majority of Islamic leaders in the world, and contradicted by Islamic scripture. See THIS ARTICLE for further information on the myth of moderate Islam.

HERE is still more on the “Elusive Moderate Islam.” Is truly “moderate” Islam reflected by only apostate Muslims?”

What is a “moderate Muslim”, really? How “moderate” are they?

Our popular perception is shaped by our Judeo-Christian-centric western culture. We consider all religions in the light of Judaism and Christianity, assuming that tolerance, forgiveness, and “ten commandment”-type mandates are common to all religions. Consequently, we assume a lot.

For the most part we consider a Muslim to be “moderate” when he does not overtly condone, advocate, or participate in violent Jihadi acts. In other words he is moderate when he acts “Christian.” With this definition, a significant number of Muslims appear moderate. However, the words “overtly” and “appear” are important.

We also need to be aware that a certain percentage of Muslims are “nominal” Muslims, not fully knowledgable about their faith; not fully practicing their faith, like many “nominal Christians.” It has been demonstrated that the more devout the Muslim becomes, the more he learns about the Islamic ideology, the more dedicated and committed he becomes to the teaching of the Qur’an, the Hadith, and demands of historical Islam.

The more devout may be labeled an “Islamist”: One who believes and practices the historic teachings of the Islamic ideology. And those teachings are certainly not “moderate” – at least not from the western Judeo-Christian perspective. The term is used to distinguish an active or devout Muslims from an inactive or less devout Muslims, or from those who are perceived to be “moderate Muslims.” However, there is a strong argument for considering all these various terms – Islamist, Islamism, Moderate Muslim – all pointless. Islam is Islam as Andrew Bostom amply describes and as further elaborated here.

It has been shown that a Muslim who participates in civic or government affairs, is a “good neighbor”, drinks with his buddies, or particpates in Western vices like porn and frequenting strip clubs is not necessarily a “moderate” Muslim. That is not a reliable criteria.

THIS VIDEO documents the conciliatory attitude of several world leaders toward Islam, and then contrasts those views with the reality of Islam.

So what is going on here. Things get confusing with Islam’s practice of Taqiyya and the occurance of Sudden Jihad syndrome.

Here is an ex-Muslim Jihadist explaining to Sean Hannity that there is no “moderate Islam” Here is Mosab Hassan Yousef telling it from the Muslim perspective.

Their Qur’an does in fact contain hundreds of verses that serve as the basis for their fascist tendencies, their supremacist self-image, their intolerance, and the basis for terrorist acts. HERE HERE and HERE. HERE are the Qur’an’s and Hadith’s verses of violence. Therefore, a moderate could be difined as a Muslim who specifically disbelieves, discounts, or ignores these signficant and widespread teachings throughout the Qur’an. But how many Muslims have really done that? How can we know? We can’t. It would be like trying to discern a “true Christian” by some test or assumption of an individual’s belief in certain passages of the Bible.

However, in modern times, there is no stigma in being known as a Christian (except among Muslims) whether you really believe most or all of the Bible or don’t. Christianity does not even approach Islams record of violence over the past several centuries. On the other hand Muslims have a well-deserved reputation of being Islamic, especially when they express or demonstrate their belief in most or all of the Qur’an. Islam leads the pack of world religions by a huge margin in the number of acts of violence. Then, why would a truly “moderate” Muslim wish to remain associated with this type of ideology unless they truly believed in all of it? Unfortunately, the concept of “moderate Muslim” becomes an oxymoron.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of the “moderate” Islamic nation of Turkey, said this:
“One cannot be a secularist and a Muslim at the same time. The Muslim world is waiting for Turkish people to rise up. The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers…this holy army guards my religion.”

Regarding democracy, he said: “You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.”

And finally: “There is no “moderate” Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s that.”

This leader of a “moderate” Muslim nation declares Islam must influence and control all facets of life. Democray is only a means to an end, the end being Islamic Sharia law. There is no moderate Islam. There many be moderate Muslims, those who are less devout, less involved or more lukewarm. In Islam, those “moderates” fall short of practicing “true Islam.” However, for anyone studying the current Islamic phenomenon, it becomes more and more apparent that there may be many fewer “moderate” Muslims than we are led to believe.

HERE is a dialogue between Robert Spencer and several “moderate Muslims” and others discussing “The Search for Moderate Islam.” The conclusion I reach is that “moderate Islam” is indeed wishful thinking.

Here is an all too common example of a Muslim college student who appears to be moderate. As a memeber of the Muslim Student’s Association she asks David Horowitz a qeustion during a Young Americans for Freedom forum meeting at the University of California San Diego. In the process of answering her question, Mr. Horowitz asks her a question. Here answer answers her question for all who are listening. [3]



[1] Islam: A Religion or Political Ideology:

[2] Why Islam is not Protected by the Constitution:

[3] A Moderate Muslim:

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