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End 1400 years of Terror – The Muslim Issue

End 1,400 Years of Terror There are sensible ways to tackle Islamic terrorism and make the future safer for the world. The problem is not that there are no solutions. The problem is that politicians are not bothered to act. They are unwilling to implement what it takes to end MUSLIM ISLAMIC terrorism once and […]

The European Union is Doomed

Introduction The concept of a one nation European Union would be ideal if it was achievable at this point in history, i.e., one nation, ruled by one Government, one Law, with one currency, one common language, one cultural belief, uniting and protecting every citizen and the nation from any enemy. At makes all the member […]

Recognising That Islam is a Danger to the Western Civilisation

Introduction Islam is a Master at deceiving and misleading non-Muslims into believing that there is nothing to fear from Islam while Islam is slowly but progressively creeping upon the Western civilisation to defeat it and to conquer it. Let us see what I mean. The world today believes: There are twelve classical world religions—those religions […]

Indoctrination of Muslims for Radicalisation From Birth

Introduction The West suffers from a “Blind Spot,” in fact a “Total Eclipse” when referring to the radicalisation of Muslims into “suicide terrorists,”or having extremist views with intent to harm Britain and the citizens of Britain. So I will begin with a few definitions: Radicalisation (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual or […]