Indoctrination of Muslims for Radicalisation From Birth



The West suffers from a “Blind Spot,” in fact a “Total Eclipse” when referring to the radicalisation of Muslims into “suicide terrorists,”or having extremist views with intent to harm Britain and the citizens of Britain. So I will begin with a few definitions:

Radicalisation (or radicalisation) is a process by which an individual or group comes to adopt increasingly extreme political, social, or religious ideals and aspirations that (1) reject or undermine the status quo[1] or (2) reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice. For example, radicalism can originate from a broad social consensus against progressive changes in society or from a consensus against lack of changes in society.  can be both violent and nonviolent, although most academic literature focuses on radicalization into violent extremism (RVE).[2] There are multiple pathways that constitute the process of radicalization, which can be independent but are usually mutually reinforcing.

Indoctrination is the process of forcibly inculcating ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or a professional methodology (see doctrine) by coercion.[1] Conspiring institutions such as police and mental hospitals have been widely used as a modus operandi of indoctrinators.

Some distinguish indoctrination from education, claiming that the indoctrinated person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned.[2] As such the term may be used pejoratively or as a buzz word, often in the context of political opinions, theology, religious dogma or anti-religious convictions.

complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
“this restores one’s faith in politicians”
synonyms: trust, belief, confidence, conviction, credence, reliance, dependence; More
antonyms: mistrust
strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof.
“bereaved people who have shown supreme faith”
synonyms: religion, church, sect, denomination, persuasion, religious persuasion, religious belief, belief, code of belief, ideology, creed, teaching, dogma, doctrine.

Bearing in mind Western obsession with Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Human and Civil Rights, Political Correctness, all of which can be double edged swords, Western Political leaders, Religious leaders, and Western Intelligentsia, have been blinded and cannot see a solution to overcome the incompatibility of Islam with Western Democracy. The main reason for this is because Politicians as well as the Clergy have not taken the trouble to make critical studies of Islam and have depended upon popular hearsay of the religion in their judgements.

(1) Pope says Koran is a book of peace and Islam is a peaceful religion

The Pope says the Koran is a book of peace and that Islam is not violent religion

(2) The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has spoken out against the forces of secularism, on the one hand, seeking to force religion out of the public sphere, and extremism, on the other, seeking to replace mainstream religion with a radicalised version twisted to fit their own agenda.

In a hard hitting speech, he also urged Muslim leaders to do more than simply condemn terrorism; they should also promote an alternative, peaceful version of their religion.

(3) Obama: Islam is a religion of ‘peace, charity and justice’

(4) Cameron Says ‘Islam is a Religion of Peace

(5) Germany will become Islamic State, says Merkel

The above just confirms the ignorance of some of the leading lights of our civilisation, both political and religious views mainly based on hearsay. When in fact


Islam is a “Totalitarian Supremacist Theocracy” and the two articles mentioned here will testify:

(1) Islam is a totalitarian supremacist Theocracy



Islam is fundamentally a “Totalitarian Supremacist Political and Militant Ideology cloaked in the flimsy garb of religion but authorised and sanctioned by Allah, thus fixing the ideology as Allah’s immutable commands unchanging with time. No one on earth has the authority to alter a single word of Allah’s pronouncements. It is a cult, a merciless death cult to those who do not accept Allah as the ONLY ONE and ONLY god to worship. Until our leaders will satisfy themselves that these statements are true, a solution will not be found until the demise of their civilisation.


There are many people who believe that Islam can be moderated. As I have said, Islam is like no other religion. Allah gave his Literal Words to Muhammad and thus his words are immutable. Nowhere have I found words of Peace or Compassion in the Quran for anyone who is not a Muslim. Islam, a religion of Peace is a misinterpretation of the Word Islam from the Arabic, it in fact is derived from the root word for submit. But the West insists on being able to moderate Islam and to isolate the extremist Jihadi verses of the Quran, or to isolate the Islamic Imams or teachers who preach hatred and intolerance contained in the Quran. But because the teaching of intolerance, exclusion, and hatred is a part of the Quranic teachings, the recruiting sergeant for Islamic Jihad/extremism is the Quran itself.

The biggest folly of Western thinking is that there are leaders who are convinced that Islamic extremism can be controlled by preventing radicalisation. so much so that they have spent a lot of time and money in creating a body called,

“PREVENT STRATEGY” the details can be found here

  1. 3.5  We judge that radicalisation is driven by an ideology which sanctions the use of violence; by propagandists for that ideology here and overseas; and by personal vulnerabilities and speci c local factors which, for a range of reasons, make that ideology seem both attractive and compelling.
  2. 3.6  There is evidence to indicate that support for terrorism is associated with rejection of a cohesive, integrated, multi-faith society and of parliamentary democracy.Work to deal with radicalisation will depend on developing a sense of belonging to this country and support for our core values.
  3. 3.7  Terrorist groups can take up and exploit ideas which have been developed and sometimes popularised by extremist organisations which operate legally in this country.This has signi cant implications for the scope of our Prevent strategy. Evidence also suggests that some (but by no means all) of those who have been radicalised in the UK had previously participated in extremist organisations.



Within this overall framework the new Prevent strategy will speci cally:
• respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and the threat we face from those who

promote it;

• prevent people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure that they are given appropriate advice and support; and

• work with sectors and institutions where there are risks of radicalisation which we need to address.


Prevent goes on and on and on. Yet prevent has made a simple problem complex. I ideology of Universal Jihad and world domination is from the Quran. The Quran preaches Islamic superiority and intolerance and exclusion. Every Muslim is taught the Quran from a very early age. He is indoctrinated with the commands of Allah to submit to the Will of Allah, as Christians are indoctrinated that the only way to Heaven is through acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Saviour. Any Muslims not accepting the Quran is an apostate and a non-Muslim. All Muslims have pledged to serve Allah to further his cause even if it means to loss of his life as in a Jihad. Extremist/fundamentalism is a part of Islamic doctrine. They are inseparable. This has been so for 1400 years and no one has ever been able to change this.

So, “Prevent Strategy” is an exercise in futility.

1226 words.

The Total Indoctrination/Radicalisation of Muslims

To understand the psyche of a Muslim we must understand how he is customarily brought up and educated and how his thought patterns are influenced by what he has learned from birth.

The Birth of a Muslim Child

All children are born in Fitra (as Muslims) and thus must be protected from being corrupted initially by his/her parents.

Every child is born with a true faith of Islam (i.e. to worship non but Allah Alone)

No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim) is the basis of Islamic traditions, culture, and Islamic jurisprudence.


Immediately after birth or soon after, the adhan is whispered to the ear of the new born. The first words the child hears is the name of Allah, and the kalima.

The standard Sunnite adhan can be translated as:

“Allah is most great. I testify that there is no god but Allah. I testify that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. Come to prayer. Come to salvation. Allah is most great. There is no god but Allah.”

The kalima: “There is no God but God (Allah), and Mohammad is the messenger of God(Allah).”

The kalima serves as a kind of minimal creed for Muslims and is one of the “five pillars of Islam”).

The Arabic form is

“La ila ha illa Allah, Mohammad rasul Allah.”

This act is a tradition undertaken soon after birth, to soften a date and then rubbing the palate of the new-born rubbing from left to right in the mouth of the baby with the date on a finger. This is usually done by the father or the mother, as was the practice of the Companions.
Imaam Nawawee says, ” scholars are agreed upon the recommendation of
performing tahneek upon the baby after it’s birth.” (Sharh Saheeh
Muslim 4/122)

Aaishah (ra) reports, “new-born children used to be brought to the
Messenger of Allaah and he would supplicate for blessings for them,
and rub a chewed date upon their palate.” (Muslim)

The child may be named on the day of birth, or later on the seventh day or past the seventh day. It is for the parents to chose the name but if there is a disagreement, it is the father who has the final say, or he could allow his wife to choose. The rights of the father is based on the principle that the child is ascribed and attributed to the father, as Allah said:
“Call them (adopted sons) by (the names of) their fathers, that is
more just in the Sight of Allah”

It is recommended to call oneself a servant of Allah (Abdullah) or the servant of any of the names of Allah. It is recommended to can a child after a prophet:
“Call them (adopted sons) by (the names of) their fathers, that is
more just in the Sight of Allah”
Then it is recommended to name the child after any pious person in
the hope that it will become like him/her. Then it is recommended to
name by any name which has good meaning.

It is forbidden to name a child with a name that denote servitude to
other than Allaah, for example Abd an-Nabi, Abd ar-Rasool etc, just
as it is forbidden to name them with names that are particular to the Unbelievers like George, Michael, Susan etc.


On the seventh day after birth, thanksgiving to the One who gave the blessings, it is prescribed to slaughter a sheep. The Messenger (ASAW) said,
“Every child is in pledge for it’s Aqeeqah which is sacrificed for it
on its seventh day, and it is named on it, and its head is shaved”
(Abu Dawood)

The sacrifice is best done by the father, and it is obligatory to mention the name of Allah while sacrificing.

The child’s head should be shaved on the seventh day.
“shave his head and give the weight of his hair in silver to the
poor” (Ahmad)


It is prescribed and recommended that boys are circumcised on the seventh day. It is however, obligatory to circumcise the boy before he reaches puberty. [3]

There is no doubt of the care of Muslim children receive from their parents and the extent to which the details are spelt out in the Islamic culture. This shepherding begins from birth and continues throughout the life of a Muslim from birth through their education, their five daily prayers, Mosque sermons, the daily conduct of their lives, and in all their religious text. Throughout the life of a Muslim, there are constant reminders of their duties to Allah and the way he conducts his life. It is these rituals, and detail in conformity that regulates Muslim lives and beliefs. This is the strength of Islam. For 1400 years these traditions have remained undeviating with no room for liberalism or compromise to their original ideologies laid down by Prophet Muhammad in the 7th century. The importance of the close shepherding of all Muslim life is clear to see from the above descriptions. There is little chance that any child raised in such an environment will ever deviate from the strict Islamic regime. Any child brought up in such a regime till puberty will forever remain under the influence of Islam. 

The Formal Education of a Muslim in a Madrassa or Islamic School

Islamic education is quite different from western education as they believe in instilling every aspect of Islamic values to their students. Studying the curricula of Islamic schools will show the strengths of how Islam is instilled to their pupils in a way that they will appreciate the spiritual, domestic and political aspects of Islam without realising how closely all these functions are interrelated. This further reinforces the Islamic creed at the expense of a wider education. “In order to understand Muslim people and their culture, it is necessary to ascertain what influences their thought processes. It is necessary to ascertain the level of education among the normal citizenry and the influences on they values, their cognitive capabilities, and their perceptive visions.

I have chosen the Pakistan system to examine since much of the information from Pakistan is available in English. There are two systems in Pakistan, the Government schools and the madrassa. The madrassa is by far the more popular because it offers free (subsidized) education, including boarding facilities. But most madrassas are financed by oil rich Islamic countries like the Wahhabi group in Saudi Arabia.

There are 2 courses of study in a Madrassa,

(1) the elementary course, the ‘hifz’ course, 5-year course) which is essentially for the memorization of the Koran, which is essential for those from illiterate communities, but needing the minimum knowledge of Islam, (This is equivalent to a Primary school education in the West.) and

(2) the ‘alim’ course or an accepted scholar course. The alim course takes 12 years (starting at 4 years to 16 years), and qualifies that graduate to become an imam, or an Islamic teacher or to work in a Mosque. (On a time scale this is equivalent to an O-level or school leaving certificate level.)


It is essential to note that in analysing the syllabus of both courses, that it concentrates on the study of the Quran and Islamic studies. The students will graduate with a good knowledge of Islam but nothing else. There is no doubt that their knowledge of Islam and the Quran is unquestionable. They are thoroughly versed in Islamic knowledge. Their education is thus very narrow and very specific confined to Islamic knowledge. A typical syllabus of a Madrassah curriculum can be found at:

My impression is that Madrassas are similar to Christian Seminaries, or the Roman Catholic catechism in the intensity of their teachings.

With 18 years of indoctrination with Islamic ideology that clearly states:

500 verses of hatred and exclusion of infidels (non-Muslims) in the Quran,

109 Verses of calling Muslims to war with the infidel,

164 verses calling Muslims to Jihad against non-Muslims,

124 Verses related to peace abrogated by verses to war,

It there any further need for further radicalisation to urge Muslims to lay down their lives in the service of Islam and for Allah? Every Muslim have already been indoctrinated to orthodox fundamentalism of Islam for 18 years. This degree of indoctrination surpasses that of the Catholic Church or the Protestant Church.

Yet our Political and Religious Leaders keep on whining that, “Islam is a religion of Peace.” How pathetic.

(total 2637 words)

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