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Comparing the Evolution of Chinese Culture with that of Christianity and Islam

WORK IN PROGRESS Introduction As I reflect upon the differences in the evolution of the various racial cultures, I have wondered why no one has yet compared the way these various cultures evolved taking into the time scale of such evolution and significance of the environment in which they evolved. Placing myself into a time […]

The Myth of God Incarnate: Hick, John

Use and Abuse of the Bible – Part 1 by Neil Godfrey Filed under: Nineham: Use Abuse of Bible Tags: Bible, Dennis Nineham There are many useful and interesting insights into the way the Bible has come to be (mis)used by scholars and laity alike in Dennis Nineham’s The Use and Abuse of the Bible […]


It’s safe to say that most people want to be an educated person. Last night I was asking myself these two questions: Who is an educated person? What does someone have to know in order to be considered an educated person? Look at the following: Do you need to have an advanced degree in order […]


BORIS JOHNSON today urged Brexit supporters to ask five questions to ‘Remain’ campaigners in the run-up to the EU referendum. By GREG HEFFER, POLITICAL REPORTER PUBLISHED: 14:59, Mon, May 9, 2016 | The questions he wants Leave campaigners to ask are: 1. How can you possibly control EU immigration into this country? 2. The Living […]

Sadiq Kahn, First Muslim Mayor of London

Sadiq Kahn, First Muslim Mayor of London as there is so much interest in the nomination. The overwhelming good will shown Sadiq Khan is inexplicable in the light of today’s uncertainties and conflicts. Let us see what his manifesto is and predict how he will fare for the future. Sadiq Khan’s Manifesto: (1) My mission […]


Before we address this subject, it is imperative to point out to readers one of the most important pieces of information that not a single scholar of Islam brings to the fore. This is the fact that all that humanity knows about Muhammad’s Quran and the miracles that allegedly happened to him are the assertions […]