Sadiq Kahn, First Muslim Mayor of London


Sadiq Kahn, First Muslim Mayor of London
as there is so much interest in the nomination.

The overwhelming good will shown Sadiq Khan is inexplicable in the light of today’s uncertainties and conflicts. Let us see what his manifesto is and predict how he will fare for the future.

Sadiq Khan’s Manifesto:

(1) My mission is to restore opportunity, and in doing so to protect and advance London’s competitiveness and its status as a world-leading city for business, creativity, and fairness.
(2) My first priority will be tackling the housing crisis. We need to build more homes, including more genuinely affordable homes for Londoners, and fewer gold bricks for overseas investors.
(3) And I’ll be the most pro-business Mayor yet. Not just because I’ve helped to run a business, and understand the challenges that those trying to grow an enterprise face, but because I know that a prosperous, growing economy is central to ensuring that our city
remains a place of opportunity.
(4) I’ll work with businesses to ensure that more Londoners have access to the skills they and our economy need, and I’ll stand alongside business leaders in campaigning for Britain to stay in the EU.
(5) I’ll also be the greenest Mayor ever, seeking to establish London as a leader in low-carbon innovation and industry, cleaning up our dangerously polluted air, and setting out an ambitious longterm plan for clean energy in our capital.
(6) I’ll make sure that our transport services meet the needs of a modern economy, while remaining affordable.
(7) And I will make London safer and more secure, with a renewed focus on neighbourhood policing, action to tackle the spread of extremism, and fighting for the resources our police and fire services need. In doing so, I will keep the GLA council tax precept down as far as possible.
(8) With money so tight for so many Londoners, I supported the decision to cut council tax following the end of the Olympic precept. My promise is to keep council tax as low as possible without risking Londoners’ safety.
(9) I’ve got the experience, values and vision to put London back on the right track.

I’ll be a Mayor for all Londoners.
Sadiq Khan


As far as I can observe, all the topics covered my Sadiq Khan’s manifesto and Administrative, or Civil decisions that any civil servant should be capable of administrating without causing a riot. So on this score, Sadiq Khan is on safe ground and should prove himself well.

The test for Sadiq Khan will be when there arises conflicts of interests in, “with a renewed focus on neighbourhood policing, action to tackle the spread of extremism,.” Here cultural differences will arise and the skill of Sadiq Khan to deal in these areas will be vital. This is where he will be measured as to whether he will have been a success or a failure. My predictions are he will have to bridge a chasm that has never been bridged in 1400 years and that he will fail.

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