POPE FRANCIS: The World is at War

· Islam

A string of terror attacks in Europe – including the brutal murder of a French priest – is proof that the “world is at war”, Pope Francis has said.

Speaking on Wednesday on a plane en route to Poland, the Pope clarified he was not talking about a war of religion, but “one of domination of peoples and economic interests”.

The Pope’s comments follow the murder of an elderly French Catholic priest by two jihadists on Tuesday.

Father Jacques Hamel, 86, who had served the local area for decades, had his throat slit during the attack in Normandy.

The killing is the latest in a wave of attacks in Europe in recent weeks. There have been at least three Islamist terror incidents in Germany in the past week and the events in Nice on 14 July where a lorry driver ploughed a car into the Bastille Day crowd killing 84 people.

“The word that is being repeated often is insecurity, but the real word is war,” he said.

“Let’s recognise it. The world is in a state of war in bits and pieces,” he added, saying the attacks could be seen as another world war, specifically mentioning World War One and Two.

“Now there is this one [war]. It is perhaps not organic but it is organised and it is war,” the Pope said. “We should not be afraid to speak this truth. The world is at war because it has lost peace.

“Not a war of religion. There is a war of interests. There is a war for money. There is a war for natural resources. There is a war for domination of peoples. This is the war.

“All religions want peace. Others want war. Do you understand?”

Pope Francis arrived in Poland for a five-day visit on Wednesday, which will include open air Masses and prayers and visits to the site of the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau and to Poland’s holiest shrine of Jasna Gora.

Speaking in the southern Polish city of Krakow, he urged Poland’s leaders “to overcome fear” and show compassion to migrants.

Noting that many Poles have emigrated from their country, Francis spoke of the need to facilitate their return if any hope to repatriate, and understand the reasons that caused them to leave.

He added: “Also needed is a spirit of readiness to welcome those fleeing from wars and hunger, and solidarity with those deprived of their fundamental rights, including the right to profess one’s faith in freedom and safety.”


Pope Francis is either very ignorant of the ideology of Islam (which I doubt), or he is attempting to defuse the situation and in his own way appease the Muslims when he says, “Not a war of Religion.” But he is deluding his followers and putting CATHOLICS at ease while the truth is that Islam is CONDUCTING HOLY ISLAMIC JIHAD AGAINST THE WESTERN WORLD and this places the Western world into complacency and thus weak and easily defeated. He is doing the West a great harm by his comments and he does not have the guts to speak the truth.

Pope Francis should look deeper into his own observations of (1) There is a war of interests. [There is no question that Islamic Jihad is to serve Allah the interests of Islam even to the death. To me that is war.] (2) There is a war for domination of peoples. [There is no question that Muslims consider that the only god to be worshipped is Allah and that all other gods must be defeated and destroyed. To Muslims and Islam, Jews and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists, and Taoists are all infidels and should be destroyed. That is was of Islam against the rest of the non-Muslim world. Surely that is clear to everyone including the Pope.]

So in my opinion when the Pope fudges his words and say this is “not a war of religion,” he must have his tongue in cheek.
Or the Pope is an apologist for Islam and is appeasing Islam for the sake of keeping the peace. That makes him a hypocrite.

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