There is NO Moderate Quran: So a Moderate Muslim is Apostasy


Meddy Posted:

Lets say elle is the expert of Islam. What we can say is that Jesus Christ preaches love while Mohamed the messenger promotes a different religion.

However, we must acknowledge the reality. People in my community know many different people who call themselves Muslims and do not think of and will not partake in terrorism or extremist interpretation of Islam.

Trump would be a dangerous leader. Just because he uses a sledge hammer and happen hit a large area, where a small part may be correct, it won’t solve the problem.

Take care and have a restful weekend.

(1) elle seeks answers on religion and has done much research on, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Ancient Egypt, Babylonia,and ancient Greek religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, atheism, and thus have accumulated a consensus of religious concepts from each and every of these religions and integrated their ideologies, their historicities, their authenticity, their philosophies, and their mythological sources. I have done this over a period of 20 years or more. Until you have done this, you are not in a position to rebut successfully as you will have shortcomings in religious knowledge. I do not claim to be an expert on Islam, but I do know a lot about it, more than most Muslims do because I am not confined to the Quran or Ahadith.

(2) Jesus Christ never preached love, because Jesus Christ, son of God never set foot on earth in order to preach. Jesus Christ is a mythological character created from the mythology of the Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek religious mythology. No one on earth has yet proven that Jesus Christ existed in the flesh on earth except in the Gospels which has been fabrications by fictitious man (Matthew, Mark Luke, John) from ancient mythology.
Muhammad formed Islam by plagiarising Judaism and Christianity and through his frontal lobe epileptic hallucinations, created a cult to challenge Judaism and Christianity. But he was rejected by all, the Jews, Christians, the Arab nomads, the Romans, and thus his doctrine evolved into a bitter angry tirade against the rest of the world and it was nasty, and exclusive, and brutally savage. It is by this ruthless savagery that he began to conscript followers. It was an Islamic cult built out of rejection and hatred.

(3) Meddy said:“People in my community know many different people who call themselves Muslims and do not think of and will not partake in terrorism or extremist interpretation of Islam.” I have to refer you to my article to provide you my reply to this statement. URL:

Muslims must all accept that the Quran is the literal word of Allah and must be abided by. Muslims who do not partake in terrorism (Islamic Jihad) or extremism (brutality) are either not true Muslims or are apostates of Islam, thus non-Muslims by faith but are only cultural Muslims. The following link will clearly show how Muslims feel about the commands of Allah in the Quran and proves that true Muslims must all be fundamentalists and all support radical Islamic values voted upon by a wholly Muslim audience.

This shows how naive some people are about the doctrines of Islam.

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