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Islamic Radicalisation

Islamic Radicalisation What is radicalisation? Radicalisation is a process where a person, often from a vulnerable background begins to adopt extreme political, religious, or social view(s) and through these – engage in extremist activity. Their views will often be formed through misguidance, misunderstanding, jealousy, anger, a ‘sense of injustice’, resentment or fear. People can be […]

Angela Merkel’s Ignorance of Islam

Does Islam Belong to Germany? “Islam is a political ideology that is not compatible with the German Constitution.” by Soeren Kern July 5, 2016 “Former German President Christian Wulff said: ‘Islam belongs to Germany.’ That is true. This is also my opinion.” — Chancellor Angela Merkel, January 12, 2015. “Angela Merkel’s statement obscures the real […]