‘Moderate’ Islamists Admit: ‘Radical’ Islam IS Islam

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‘Moderate’ Islamists Admit: ‘Radical’ Islam IS Islam


Here’s a fun twist. You know how the greatest appeasers of Islam are none other than our leftist apologists (read Dear Liberals: Your Hypocrisy on Islam is Most Staggering of All…) and their flock of sheep on social media, who greet their mornings with cries of “Not all Muslims are terrorists,” or “Not all Muslims are bad guys,” or “Not all Muslims want to kill the gays or subjugate the women!” Well brace yourselves for irony so rich, it’ll give you gout.

Watch mainstream Muslims reject the leftists talking points of “Not all Muslims are ____”

“Every now and then, they always come with the same accusations. This speaker supports death penalty for homosexuals…he is homophobic, he subjugates women, etc. etc… And we always try to tell them, that speaker doesn’t have radical views. These are views of Islam.”
“Everyone in the room, how many of you are normal, Sunni Muslims?” (everyone)
“How many of you agree that men and women should sit separate?” (everyone)

“How many of you agree that the punishments described in the Qur’an, wether it is death or stoning for adultery, if it comes from Allah, it is the best punishment in the world?” (everyone)

“Are you all Islamic extremists? No.”

“What are the politicians going to say now? What are the media going to say now? That we’re all extremists? That we’re all radicals?”

Special thanks to Paul Joseph Watson for tweeting this video and bringing it to our attention.

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So many gullible non-Muslims tell me, “But my neighbour is the nicest person that you would wish to meet. He would never hurt me or my family, not in a million years.”

But does your neighbour believe in the teachings of the Quran as above? He must do if he is a Muslim, otherwise He is a non-religious Muslim but is only a cultural Muslim.

So all true Muslims accept the fundamentalist (extremist) views in the Quran, but manage to lead a peaceful existence with others. Does that make him a moderate Muslim or does it make him a Muslim living a life of taqiyya (Islamic lies)? So instilled in his heart is the fundamentalist Islamist subdued. Could his extremist side (Jihadist martyrdom) ever be aroused to serve the call of Allah? Certainly there have been enough martyrs in history to prove that such a call to duty is possible for every true Muslim. So even your moderate neighbour could be called to the service of Allah at the right moment. The call to the service of Allah will certainly outweigh the loyalty to a neighbour. I would not trust a friendly Muslim neighbour any more than I would trust a pet viper. Your nice Muslim neighbour is either ignorant of Islam thus a non religious Muslim or he is practicing taqiyya (Islamic hypocrisy) with you, the infidel.

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