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I am an Independent Researcher into Myths, Folklore, and other inexplicable concepts. I am a Free Thinker. Personal: I am world travelled, educated in 4 continents in the science associated field. I have worked and lived in 5 continents in management, commerce and academia and have associated closely with people of all races and cultures. Since retiring from a working life, I am interested to establish a connection between human behaviour (thoughts) with culture (religion). So I have researched into the origins of man and his environment, his religion, and his culture, into Archaeology, Anthropology, history, genetics, environment, cosmology, creationism, evolution, mythology, theism, paganism, atheism, and lies. I hope this is sufficient to satisfy you without providing any personal information.

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Jihad will destroy Western civilization

Jihad will destroy Western civilization October 16, 2018 (American Thinker) – Robert Spencer’s new book, The History of Jihad from Muhammad to ISIS, is a clarion call to Western civilization. We are under assault by Islam from all sides in a war that has raged since 632, the date of Muhammad’s death. In trying to raise […]

The Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism

The Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism by Shmuel BarTuesday, June 1, 2004 While terrorism — even in the form of suicide attacks — is not an Islamic phenomenon by definition, it cannot be ignored that the lion’s share of terrorist acts and the most devastating of them in recent years have been perpetrated in the name of […]

Why Does China Want to Control the South China Sea?

Why Does China Want to Control the South China Sea? The disputes over the South China Sea are complex, and they overlap and collide in complex ways. At stake are questions of ownership, demarcation, rights of passage, and access to resources—fish, oil, and gas. The resulting imbroglio implicates all six claimants, not only China but […]

If history is written by the victor, how much do we really know about history?

If history is written by the victor, how much do we really know about history? History is usually written by the victors in order to glorify their success  and to justify their cause, while the defeated usually slink away in shame and disgrace quietly so that they do not expose their own incompetence or weaknesses. […]

Tofu analysis

Contains Many Nutrients Tofu is high in protein and contains all of the essential amino acids your body needs. It also provides fats, carbs, and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals. One 3.5-ounce (100-gram) serving of tofu offers (2): Protein: 8 grams Carbs: 2 grams Fiber: 1 gram Fat: 4 grams Manganese: 31% of […]

China China tightens screws on Muslims by sinicizing Islam

China China tightens screws on Muslims by sinicizing Islam The Chinese Communist Party’s crackdown on Islam is extending beyond western Xinjiang province, home to the repressed ethnic Muslim Uyghurs, and across the country to 10.5 million ethnic Hui Muslims, as well as to other minorities who have lived in China for millennia.The latest crackdown is […]

The Origin of the Quran

The Origin of the Quran The Quran is the holy book which Muslims recite and turn to for guidance in all aspects of their life. It is the last testament in a series of divine revelations from God. It comprises the unaltered and direct words of God, revealed through the Angel Gibrael, to the final […]

Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism Explained

Chinese and Tibetan Buddhism explained without comments Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism are two different practices that were formed on the same teachings. In both Tibetan and Chinese Buddhism, the practitioner is trying to attain enlightenment, the ability to break away from the cycle of rebirth and suffering, known as samsara. Buddhism in general is made […]

Robert Spencer: A message to my critics

Robert Spencer: A message to my critics NOV 2, 2018 2:26 PM BY ROBERT SPENCER Recently I’ve been called a “notorious Islamophobe” and an “anti-Muslim propagandist” in the Left-wing media, and while these charges aren’t new, I thought it worth noting today that they are based as much on ignorance as they are on malice. […]

The incompatability of Islam

The incompatability of Islam It’s time we were honest about the ‘religion of peace’ Tony Letford In the Australian on the 6th of June,(2018), a senior British Muslim politician, Sajid Javid, in response to the latest atrocities in London, said that the solution to the problems must come from within the Muslim community. Few non-Muslim […]

ISLAMOPHOBIA: Don’t Throw Stones if you live in a Glass House;

ISLAMOPHOBIA: Don’t Throw Stones if you live in a glass House There are a number of other possible terms which are also used in order to refer to negative feelings and attitudes towards Islam and Muslims, such as anti-Muslimism, intolerance against Muslims, anti-Muslim prejudice, anti-Muslim bigotry, hatred of Muslims, anti-Islamism, Muslimophobia, demonisation of Islam, or […]

Chapati, Puri

Ingredients 450g/1 lb chapati flour or wholemeal plain flour 1 tsp salt 250ml/9 fl oz cold water butter for spreading, optional How-to-videos Method Set aside 200g/7 oz of the flour and reserve for shaping the chapatis. Place the remaining flour and salt in a deep bowl. Fill another bowl with the cold water. Add the […]

Militant Islam: Enemy of Civilization

May 21, 2014 Militant Islam: Enemy of Civilization By William A. Levinson Most bullies run like rats when you confront them head-on, and this includes the purveyors of the toxic ideology they (not I) call Islam — at least in a civilized country where they cannot run to compliant and/or corrupt jurists who will enforce […]

Muslim Religious Education in China

Muslim Religious Education in China Élisabeth Allès From mosque school to private school Some history The situation today “If we want to develop Islam, girls must be educated!” The Koranic Institutes Religious education: a springboard for study abroad or for finding a job Education: a muffled battleground between religious movements Religious education under surveillance Top […]

Why Do Muslims Hate Christians? [Christian compassion is inexplicable]

Why Do Muslims Hate Christians? Why Do Muslims Hate Christians? The inspiration for this evil activity comes directly from the Qur’an.Consider the following passages in the Qur’an. 1.Qur’an (3:28),“The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from GOD. Exempted are those who are forced to do […]

Inside China’s War on Terrorism

Inside China’s War on Terrorism Abstract China’s war on terrorism is among its most prominent and least understood of campaigns. An indigenous insurgency with links to the global jihad has threatened the government’s grip on a massive region of northwestern China known as Xinjiang. Riots, bombings, ambushes, and assassinations have rocked the region under separatist […]

China: Religion and Philosophy

China: Religion and Philosophy China is a country with great diversity of religions, with over 100 million followers of various faiths. The main religions are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, China’s indigenous Taoism, along with Shamanism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and the Maxi people’s Dongba religion. The Hui, Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Tatar, Ozbek, Tajik, Dongxiang, Salar, and Bonan […]

How the Jews Invented God

How the Jews Invented God, and Made Him Great **The God of the Old Testament started out as just one of many deities of the ancient Israelites. It took a traumatic crisis to make him into the all-powerful creator of the world. Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in a single, omnipotent deity that created […]

China Declares All Out War On Islam By Travis Woods – September 28, 2015

China Declares All Out War On Islam By Travis Woods – September 28, 2015 China has added its name to the growing list of countries around the world that are taking preventative measures in an attempt to lower the chances of a radical Islamist terror attack. China seems to be declaring an all out war […]

Rohingya Muslims-Chronology

Chronology for Rohingya (Arakanese) in Burma Publisher Minorities at Risk Project Publication Date 2004 Cite as Minorities at Risk Project, Chronology for Rohingya (Arakanese) in Burma, 2004, available at: [accessed 27 August 2018] Disclaimer This is not a UNHCR publication. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. Any views […]