Fixing Slow Window’s XP

Investigating Why Windows XP is SO SLOW on my Computer & FIX

My Windows XP became so slow that I became quite frustrated with it but had no idea what to do to fix it. So I used my second computer with a Mac Leopard OS forsaking my XP. I suspected something was not right because start up was painfully slow, page turning was slow, and some facilities became unavailable to me. But I did not have the know how to fix it. I suspected that it was my browser’s that was doing it. I had installed IE8, Firefox, and then Chrome when it became available. I intended to uninstall my browsers but could not decide which one to remove. Then I received a balloon to say that my “virtual memory was low.”

Task Manager

So I opened Task Manager, “Control-Alt-Delete,” (or Holding down “Control and Shift and Escape”). Went to Process Tab, Click View, Select Columns.

Check the virtual Memory Size box and click OK.

Click the top of the VM Size column twice to arrange the size from largest to smallest.

Once you have determined which process is using more virtual memory than it should, you have to determine what the process is. The best way to find out is to use a search engine. Then you  try to uninstall and reinstall the offending application.

This process told me a lot that I did not know. By activating each of my Browsers separately, and repeating the above steps, I observed that:

(1) Explorer8 opened with Gmail operating  memory usage 27,048K and VM 19,732K

(2)  Firefox opened memory usage 58,736K and VM 49,148K

(3) Chrome exe opened memory usage 13,142K & VM 16,032K

Very interesting revelation indeed. Google Chrome is the obvious choice. So to tidy up I will retain Chrome and remove Firefox and possibly IE8.

The Real Culprits

Not being very knowledgeable about IT, I also noticed that there was an item:

(1) MsMpEng.exe memory usage 15,516K & VM 71,672K

(2) Svchost.exe memory usage 15240K & VM 25,836

It did not look right and seemed disproportionate usage. So I Googled:

Msmpeng.exe and discovered it was Windows Defender which was meant to scan for malware. I tried to prevent it from scanning itself, but it did not work, so I had to turn it off.

Turning Off Windows Defender

Open Defender and click on Options and go to Administrator Options and uncheck the Use Windows Defender. Voila it did the trick.

But that meant I had no “malware” protection. So I went back to an old programme I had used, and downloaded lavasoft’s Ad Aware.

After downloading Ad Aware, I checked again in Task Manager.

AdAware memory usage 1312K & VM 128,208K

So Ad Aware had to go. So I browsed and found a tiny porogramme:

Malwarebytes and I have installed it and uninstalled Ad Aware. It seems fine and I am satisfied with the speed of my computer now. Wht a relief after all this time being crippled by a MS programma. The Malwarebytes scan took ½ the time of other scanners. It works well, and I have the Free version.

My computer is running fine now. Svhost is a more complex problem that I will tackle at some future date. There is information of how to trim down Svhost on the internet. Google it.


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