Three New Articles on Islam today (May 9th, 2010)

I will post links to my three new articles on this anniversary day today with the conclusion of my article about Muslims:

Conclusion: (From: “One Islam but Many Different Muslims”)

If the above polls are believed to indicate the underlying attitudes of British/European Muslims living with their host countries, it is indeed very worrying. In fact, the original Muslim immigrants were quite docile, hard working, peaceful people who struggled to support their family. But the subsequent generations are becoming more Islamic, and asserting their place in their host country with all the ideologies of Islam. Islam is a dominating and domineering religion and will do everything to establish its place in any society with the determination of her Muslim followers. Thus, it is essential for the host countries  fully understand the objectives of Islam within their midst. The statistics above, is certainly something everyone should recognise and appreciate before a solution can be found to suit the host nation.

Even from the above statistics, it would appear that there is a higher percentage Muslim support Islamic orthodoxy in Britain (about 80%) compared with that in France (about 60%.) This could reflect the Islamic fundamentalist movements/education/Mosque activities in Pakistan/Bangladesh compared with that in Algeria, or Morocco, or Libya or Egypt. Or it could also reflect the attitude of Muslims in these countries, bearing in mind that De Gaulle, and Chirac have wooed and allied themselves to Arab ideologies. (Euro-Arab Dialogue.) More attention should be given by politicians to the significance of this data.

*The fact that 81% British Muslims will place Islam before the nation, Britain, is a fact that many do not appreciate. British nationality means nothing to Islamists. Islam will always come first.

*The fact that 29%(1/3) British Muslims will aggressively defend Islam  against all attacks, physical or intellectual, means there can never be any integration in Britain.

*9% Muslims admit to being hard core Jihadists, means there are 216,000 British Muslims who will be prepared to fight (and die as Jihadists martyrs) for Islam if needed.





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