Why Islam Cannot Change

I was concerned when I noticed that there are many people who have a innocent conception of Islam. These people believe that, “the professional and intellectual Muslims can lead Islam out of their Islamic incompatibility to adjust and fit Islam in with modern communities world wide.” This cannot happen.

I have thus gone to great lengths ( and time – 4 days) to compile authenticated information (linked) to show why “ISLAM CANNOT CHANGE.”


“Why ISLAM Cannot Change”

Quran 20:14 “Verily, I am Allah. No Ilah (God) may be worshiped but I.
Mohammed/Islam was rejected and persecuted by pagan Quraish and other Arab tribes, pagan Egyptian Kings, Romans (Europeans), Judaism, Christianity, but to counter this rejection, the faithful followers of Mohammed and brilliant scholars like Uthman ibn Affan produced a comprehensive, almost perfect, manual to ensure the survival and spread of Islam in Holy Quran in an antagonistic environment. Almost perfect, because of the Qur’an’s exclusivity, no flexibility was possible. Islam cannot flex or change.

The full article can be read at:



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